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Dear Journal,
Today it was 117 degrees Fahrenheit and it is the middle of fall. I am so ready for a cold
winter but we havent had one of those on over 10 years. I havent even seen snow since I was a child.
Today I had to go back into the house where we power our air conditioning by 10 generators. Now air
conditioning is using most of the energy the U.S produces. My family went to the beach today to cool
off. The sea level has risen so much due to the glaciers melting. We use to live 15 minutes away from the
beach but now we only live 12 minutes away. That is not a problem for me because I love the beach.
Nowadays nobody even uses windows in their cars because instead of cooling down your car, you only
let warm air in. When we got home I ate 4 popsicles and turned on the TV. On the news it was talking
about polar bears. The news had said the there are no more wild polar bears alive. They had all died out
because there isnt any more ice for them to live on. I hate all this heat, I just want to go outside and be
able to be cold for once.

Anthony Medeiros