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How did the Cold War affect Latin America? Why did the United States get involved?

During the Cold War it was the communist and then the non-communist. Latin America
at the time and the most violent and ruthless leaders and they where currently against the
Soviet Union. So us as the non-communist we decided to step in and help out Latin America
assuming we were on the same page, but apparently we were not.
What is the difference between left and right wing? And why is it confusing?
Left and right wing are opposing political views. Left wing are the people are the liberals,
they believe that people should get more of a say during important government decisions. They
also believe that the government should support their citizens through health care. The right
wing are the conservatives they believe one person should be in charge and that they shouldn't
support their citizens. They put stock into an individual and expect the people to do it on their
own. People get confused because they let their businesses do there own thing and had no
rules to it, it was pure capitalism.
Why did the United States get involved in Cuba?
We were super involved with Cuba because they had a good economy and we
controlled their sugar production which was their main crop. Most of the cubans became poor
because they weren't making any money and it was all going to the United States. In 1953
Fulgencia Batista overthrew the government kicking out the U.S. and he wanted communism in,
making us their enemy.
Whats a banana republic?
A banana republic is a country that has no power with their government. Instead they
have a company for purpose of producing and exporting a good which was often bananas.
America owned the United Fruit Company and controlled major ports.
How did the CIA get involved in Guatemala?
Dictators controlled Guatemala until 1950. Being that we are strongly anti-communist we
helped overthrow their ruler Jacobo Arbenz Guzman. This was followed by decades of violence.
Guatemala has a strong military and decided to become democratic in 1996. United States is
still blamed for starting the violence there.
What is the other infamous September 11th?
Salvador Allende took control in 1970 and with the support of the United States Augusto
Pinochet overthrew the government and military coup. Under the rule of Augusto people
suffered harsh human right violations.
Who were the disappeared in Argentina?
Argentina was making lots of money from meat production before the Great Depression.
When the Great Depression hit people turned into authoritarian leaderships instead. Juan Peron
took control after WWII. His wife Eva Peron was popular with all especially the poor (the
shirtless ones). Juan supported the Dirty War so with support of his gorgeous wife they killed
as many as 30,000 people who opposed his government.
Why was it controversial when the United States intervened in Nicaragua?

It was controversial when we intervened because our government told us not to and we
went behind everyones back to give them weapons. We brought them to Iran who then gave
them to Nicaragua. Especially since the only reason we were even involved was because they
were fighting off a USSR and we dont support their way of government.
What violence occurred in Brazil and El Salvador?
Similar to Argentina, after the Great Depression Brazil became a dictatorship. After the
Getulio Vargas was overthrown they slowly started turning into a democratic system. In El
Salvador a civil war broke out between left and right wing. 1979-1992 there was constant
fighting killing almost 75,000 people.
If democracy is a goal of the L.A. nations, what does a nation have to have in order to
achieve this goal?
A nation has to have a decent understanding on what the people want and how to get it
for them. To achieve this goal the whole nation has to work together to come up with the best
way on how to run it, then trial and error everything to get the grasp of a full working democracy.
The people need to understand that if they want to become a successful nation they just need to
have some sort of structure instead of having different rules in different nations. They have to
want to be equal in every way and try to slowly get rid of their classes. And hopefully be able to
support the people who cant support themselves unlike us. We are going down in the dumps
for that one, they need to work on their system everyday so one day everyone will benefit off of
it. Latin America will have to show majority voting and under the pressure of legislation to show
that they can control their ways. They can no longer be ruthless rulers and have to grow as a
nation in making their military stronger. Going from authoritarian to democratic will most likely be
one of the hardest things a nation can do but in the end they should know its worth it. You get
so much more rights and it does nothing but benefit everyone.