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Latin America after Independence from Spain & Portugal

How did the Cold war affect Latin America? Why did the United States get
During the Cold War the United States would support the countries in Latin
America if they were not Communist countries. The US intervened in Communist
countries in Latin America to fight the Soviet Union.
What is the difference between left and right wing? And why is it confusing?
The difference between the left and the right wing is that the people in the left
wing were known as Liberals and the people in the right wing were known ad
Conservatives. It is confusing because neither left nor right wing is better than the
other, but there are pros and cons to these Governments.
Why did the United States get involved in Cuba?
The United States was involved with Cuba because the US was involved with their
Economy. The US controlled the main crop, sugar, which cause a lot of poverty
because all of the money flow was going the US or the corrupted Government.
Whats a banana republic?
A banana republic is a Country with little to no powerful Government, and is
instead controlled by a company for the purpose of producing and exporting
goods. Guatemala was a banana republic in the early twentieth century.
How did the CIA get involved with Guatemala?
The CIA got involved in Guatemala when the Dictator Jacobo Arbenz Guzman
enacted communist land reforms. The US was strongly anti-communist so they
used the CIA to overthrow him in 1954. Guatemala blames the United States for
all of the violence.
What is the other infamous September 11th?
On September 11 in 1973 Augusto along with the United States overthrew the
Socialist leader of Chile, Salvador Allende. But under the harsh rule of Pinochet,

people suffered of human rights violations. When he gave up power, he died

before getting any legal charges against him.
Who were the disappeared in Argentina?
They were the estimated 30,000 people who were taken out of their homes or off
the streets by police and never heard from again. These people were assumed to
be killed by the police for opposing Government views.
Why was it controversial when the United States intervened in Nicaragua?
The controversial was that the United States was helping the Contras, an anticommunist group. When Reagan couldnt support the Contras anymore the US
continued to send them weapons, to Iran who would then send them to the
Contras. It was known as the Iran-Contra Affair.
What violence occurred in Brazil and El Salvador?
After the Great Depression, Brazil turned into a dictatorship, until Vargas was
overthrown and Brazil started going back to Democratic rule. Civil war broke out
in El Salvador in 1979 and 75,000 people had been killed. They signed a treaty in
1992 for peace.
If democracy is a goal of the L.A nations, what does a nation have in order to
achieve this goal?
In order for the Latin American nations to achieve the goal of democracy, they
need a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members
of a state, typically through elected representatives. Democracy should have
some common practices such as free elections, and constitutional government to
show that it is a real true democracy.