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John Kubler
ENG 115
9: 30 am

Im not
made me
everything I

-Kanye West

About Me:
My name is Chelsea, but a lot of people
call me Chels. I love all things Disney,
candles, the beach, and sour gummy
worms. My hobbies include writing songs,
playing tennis, and volunteering with
children with autism. My younger sister
Camille is my life. She was diagnosed with
Autism at 3 years old. I wouldnt be the
person I am today without her.

Essay #1- Religion: Present From

Beginning to End
In this essay, I focused

class I learned how all

on how we are quick to blame

religions are similar and how

religion for causing wars.

many believe that religion

When we disagree with one

causes wars.

religion, we make a grand

assumption that all religion is

bad. We use religion in politics
as a scapegoat to internal
societal conflicts. I chose this
topic because I am currently
taking an Introduction to
Religious Studies class. In this

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In efforts to improve
this essay, I decided to
strengthen my thesis and find
more effective evidence to
support my claims. I had a
good idea of what I wanted to
do with my essay, but I did
not have enough evidence to
make my argument stronger. I

Its [religions] impact

depends entirely on what
it inspires people to do.
-Madeleine Albright

Essay #2- Toddlers in Bikinis

For my second essay, I
focused on how
hypersexualization of media
is affecting our upcoming
generation in a negative way.

From this, I covered how it is

affecting our views of one
another, our selfempowerment, and our
intimate relationships. I

One would rather have a

key that opens many
locks that a lock that can
be opened by many

chose this topic because

media is present
everywhere and this is one

of the negative consequences

of its great influence.
Similar to my first
essay, this essay needed
stronger evidence to support
my claims. Some of my
evidence even contradicted
my claims and made my
argument weaker. I tried to
find stronger quotes and
make my ideas more clear to
support my thesis. I also fixed
the grammatical errors and

Starting Essay


+ Me as a Writer:
Just like any other person, I have major strengths and weaknesses
in my writing. My writing strengths include coming up with simple ideas
that are actually very complex. My professor has pointed out how my
curiosity comes out in my writing. My weaknesses include not finding
strong enough evidence to support my claims and too many ideas that do
not necessarily support my thesis. This semester, my writing has
developed drastically. During the beginning of the semester, we used the
text They Say, I Say, which helped me to give variety and improve my
writing. With the credit/no credit assignments, I was able to practice these

+ Most Important Thing I

This semester, we covered various controversial topics. The


amount of knowledge I gained from all the articles we had to read was
endless. I think the topic that we learned that affected me the most was
learning about transgender children issues. No child deserves to go
through such bullying for being who they feel they truly are. Jazz, one of
the main examples from this unit, serves as an inspiration for not only
transgender children, but also every other child who feels like they do