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Extreme journal of 2k55

Today there was a hurricane the was a level 5

recorded the highest damage of any hurricane
even more Katrina. Also this month 10 animals
went to less then 500 the polar bear artic fox
many of the animals that live in tundra or polar
ice caps. Maybe what caused that hurricane was
the warm water. So I went and tested the water
temp and it was 5 degrees more than normal.
But then I thought what could cause this change
then I got the light bulb but it was all ready to
late it was the amount of green house gases in
the atmosphere so I decided to move south a
way from the south then I realized it was
snowing in FL which made no sense so I
checked the news there was a cold front coming
from the south yes from the south. I didnt no
what to do then I heard a tornado warning and
so I went under ground little did I know this
would be the worst one ever so me in my family
were under ground the door came off and sucked
out my daughter and son then my wife. So I have
nothing now and no where to go but why are

these weather patterns why are they so bad so