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The North

Pole Cocoa

Janet Choi, Ji Soo Han, JeongHyeon Kim, Gun Min Lee

I. Executive Summery
At The North Pole Cocoa we will sell the warmest, tastiest hot chocolate that
will make you feel warm and cozy inside. We will provide warm hot chocolate that
will attract a variety of customers. We will target people of all ages to sell our hot
chocolate too. We will also have additional options that customers can add to their
hot chocolate to have an even better experience at The North Pole Cocoa. The North
Pole Cocoa will be located at Rise Kohyang Middle School (RKMS) during the
lunch breaks.

The North Pole Cocoa's objective is to earn $100 profit within the five day
selling period.
The North Pole Cocoas mission is to share our delicious warm hot chocolate to
people with fair prices and a warm heart.

II. General Company Description

The North Pole Cocoa is in the beverage industry and will be selling hot
chocolate. Our company came to be because of all of the staffs' love and passion for
the deep rich taste of chocolate. We want to share the rich delicious taste of
chocolate at fair prices to everyone with a friendly service. Our company will
market our products to the staff and students at Rise Kohyang Middle School. One
special thing about our business is how we all share the same passion of loving for
the deep rich taste of chocolate. Because we share that bond within ourselves, we
can inspire the people drinking our hot chocolate to get into the Christmas holiday
spirit and get into the season of giving and sharing. Our hot chocolate, made with
love, will make our customers coming back for more.

III. Product and services

The North Pole Cocoa offers warm hot chocolate to students and staff at Rise
Kohyang Middle School. Our hot chocolate is a perfect addition to all the holiday
cookies. It will satisfy your thirst for a sweet tasty drink to have during the
Christmas holiday season. Our hot chocolate will make you feel warm and delicious
inside and have you jumping up and down for more.
Our company offers two different size cups. We sell our large cup at $2 and our
small cup at $1. We also provide additional add-ons. Customers are able to add
marshmallows, chocolate syrup, candy canes, and whip cream for 25 cents. The
North Pole Cocoa will also be having a special holiday sale where the customers
will get 2 free Kisses Chocolates for every $3 spent.
Our company has warm-hearted, dedicated members who provide the best services
for our customers. In addition, we also sell our hot chocolate at a reasonable price so
that our customers can get into the spirit of the holiday season. We also have special
promotions during holiday season to attract more customers and make them feel
pleased and want to come back.

IV. Marketing Plan

Market Share
Our company, The North Pole Cocoa, is at an advantage of the market because only
21% of all the companies sell beverages and there is only one other company that
sells hot chocolate. 64% of the market are desserts which also helps bring business
to us because people want a drink that will quench their thirst.
One of the barriers our company might face is the amount of time we have to set up
and clean up at the beginning and end of each day's selling period. We are also
under the pressure of having to earn about $20 each day so that we can reach our
goal at the end of the week of $100. Another barrier that we might have is the
amount of time it takes to boil the water. The customers may have to wait for a few
minutes if we do not constantly make sure that we have enough water.
Even with all these barriers, we can still make our company run smoothly. Our
company has decided that we will close our shop a little earlier so that we can clean
up. We also decided to assign a person in charge the water to make sure that we
have a full supply and we don't have to keep our customers waiting for too long.
At The North Pole Cocoa, we provide delicious hot chocolate that people of all ages
and gender can drink and enjoy. Our targeted customers are the staff and students at
Rise Kohyang Middle School, where we will be selling.

In the market, there are only a total of 3 beverage companies with only one other hot
chocolate company. The other beverage companies are Paulina's Hot Chocolate and
Lemonade Delight. The time period in which we are selling is a perfect fit for our
product. The holiday seasons will invite more customers to our company rather than



At The North Pole Cocoa, we have special holiday sales that will help invite and
attract more customers. We will have a wintertime promotion where our customers
are given 2 free Kisses Chocolate for every purchase of $3.
Our company is selling our hot chocolate at prices that are similar to our competitors.
We sell our large cups at $2 and our small cups for $1. We also have promotions
during holiday season.
Sales Forecast
Our companys sales forecast is to increase sales every day. On the first day, we
estimate to sell about $20. On the second and the third days we estimate to sell about
$26. And we forecast to make about $30 on the fourth and fifth day and at the end of
the five day selling period, we would like to see a profit of $100, if not more.







V. Operational Plan
Daily Operations
Our business is located in room 235 on the second floor of Rise Kohyang Middle
School. We will have our materials set up on the table for our personnel to manage.
Our daily hours are from 12 to 1 pm for lunch hours.
Our business is run by four people: Janet Choi, Ji soo Han, Gun Min Lee, and Jeong
Hyeon Kim. For each lunch period, there will be two people working. One member
will be in charge of money and the other will be in charge of the products.
Our inventory was donated by the owners except for the hot chocolate powder. We
will be cutting it from our profit that we make. The rest of the inventory was
donated so that most of the profit that we make can be put into the fundraiser. The
water boilers were lent to us by the parents of the owners and will be returned when
we are finished with our business.
Janet Choi
Gun Min
Ji soo Han
Hyeon Kim

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VI. Management and Operations

The North Pole Cocoa has 4 employees in total. Our manager is Gun Min Lee. Mr.
Lee has a well-rounded personality and shows great leadership. He particiapates in
different activities which proves how open minded he is. Mr. Lee came up with our
company name and contributes greatly to the creation and improvements of our
company. If Mr. Lee is not present, our 2nd manager, Ms. Han will be in charge.
She is dedicated to the company and will oversee that the company is running
Gun Min Lee: Manager
Ji Soo Han: 2nd Manager
Janet Choi: treasurer
Jeong Hyeon Kim: treasurer

VII. Financial Plan

At The North Pole Cocoa, we have estimated to earn a profit of about $105 by the
end of the selling period. To ensure improvement and exactness of sales, we have a
daily balance sheet that our manager will keep in our money envelope and record the
amount of profit we make each day. On that page, we will keep track of daily profit
and subtract the amount of money that we used for our inventory. We also keep a
class graph to make sure that we are reaching our goal and that we are earning profit.