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Jean Claude P.

BSBM 402

My Reaction

This is my reaction paper and today Im going to say that why Hannibal Barca is cool and such
badass. Why? Lets get into the details. Hannibal Barca in his time is known to be as one of the
greatest military minds of the Classical Age it was cool because in his time his strategies are
unique like Ive seen in the video, he use his mind rather than might in order to win such battle.
And another thing how cool is Hannibal when I saw his strategy battling the roman army on the
field of Cannae happened in 216 BCE and in one of the most brilliant tactical maneuvers of all
time Hannibal managed to use his force of 60,000 to perform a double envelopment on the
Roman force of 80,000, sweeping his troops that lost around 70,000 soldiers of Rome while
6,000 have been lost in Hannibals army both flanks of Roman infantry and utterly decimating
several Legions. His battle did not end here when he fought the army of Scipio in the battle of
Zama Hannibal did not succeed, but Im astonished by how close he came to success. The
second of the Punic Wars was over. When Hannibal eventually retreated with his army to
Carthage hes army defeated and lost the fight, when Hannibal was about the age of 64 and to
be taken as prisoner, he took poison that ended his life. All I can say he is the greatest fighter
and also a strategies in his time.