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The Legend of Guava (Alamat ng Bayabas)

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Alamat ng Bayabas

Once there lived a young boy whose name was Bayabas. He was very kind and helpful
especially to the needy. There were several fruits in their backyards. he would always give fruits
to anyone who asked for something to eat. One day, a hungry old woman passed by their
house and asked him for something to eat. But there was not any fruit in the trees in the

There was one tree in the backyard that has so many ripe fruits. However, he could not give the
fruits to the oldwoman because they were believed to be poisoned. Concerned with the old
woman, he silently wished that those fruits could be eaten. The fairy of the forest heard his wish
and granted it because of his kind heart. He then, gave the old woman a basketful of ripe fruits
and since then, the fruits were called Bayabas, in honor of the young boy.