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ABB Power Technologies


Life Cycle Service

ABB Life Cycle Service for High Voltage Switchgear


Our heritage has given us a unique global installed base and continuous experience of basically all technologies, environments,
applications and requirements for high voltage switchgear including oil, air and SF6 technology (Double pressure, puffer, auto-puffer).
This qualifies ABB as the natural service partner for high voltage switchgear independent of product generation.

Our full product, switchgear & application know-how has made ABB the technology and market leader for HVAC & HVDC switchgear as
well as High Current Switchgear (Isolated Phase Bus and Generator Circuit Breakers). This qualifies ABB as the natural service partner
for all types of high voltage switchgear.

ABB is a global company and local business partner with resources, processes and dedication to allow direct access to our global
competence so we can ensure fast, simple and reliable support whenever and wherever needed. Our service network has 24/7/365
availability and less than 24 h response time.

ABB has a unique information bank of legacy products and actual deliveries. Our licensed service engineers and service centers have
unique competence, material & tools. This allows ABB to deliver the right and original replacement part and to carry out the right activity
- fast and simple.

Every switchgear application, environment, requirement and user is unique. With our wide and global switchgear & service portfolio ABB
is your natural business partner to keep your switchgear running at lowest cost to ensure a high return on investment of your
infrastructure. We can assist you with fleet screening, risk based inspection and condition assessment to advice you of the "right" life
cycle strategy: Repair, Retrofit, Replace or Renew with different maintenance practices to "ever green" migration.

for High Voltage Switchgear

Customer Service Score Card

ABB Features

Customer Benefit

Experience: One service partner with

continuous experience of all product
generations and technologies (Oil, Air, SF6)

Efficient life cycle management, maintenance

and migration of critical products or complete
fleet ensures availability

Competence: One service partner for all

applications, environments and requirements
with AIS and GIS know-how

Holistic and performance based service

planning and execution ensures your
switchgear is performing at lowest cost

Speed: A global company & local partner with

resources and expertise available whenever or
wherever needed

Fast, simple and reliable support from

commissioning & emergencies to training &
consulting is your "life cycle insurance

Reliability: One service partner with original

documentation & parts and licensed service
engineers & experts

Right replacement parts and correct service

actions ensures fast, simple and reliable repair,
retrofit and "damage control

Performance: Full product, system and life

cycle service portfolio with "Dr Switchgear"
risk and condition based fleet screening

Optimized retrofit, replacement, recycling and

renovation ensures "ever green" assets with
maximum return on investment




Weighted Score



your assets
Service Guide


Importance = 0-10 (Highest)

Fulfilment = 0-10 (Highest)
Weighted Score = 0-100 (Highest)
XXX = Comparison with other supplier


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For more information go to and visit our Service Guide

ABB Power Technologies

High Voltage Switchgear


Our supported products

ABB Active Products

Our life cycle service concept

= switching back to the future

(please consult our website for full information)

High Voltage Switchgear includes power circuit breakers, instrument transformers & surge
arresters for Air Insulted Switchgear, Gas Insulated Switchgear and Configurable Switchgear
Modules as wellas synchronously switched capacitor banks/filters and High Current Switchgear.

+ ABB High Voltage Switchgear is used in generation, transmission & distribution of electrical energy to switch,
measure, protect and compensate your installations to ensure quality and availability.We cover High Voltage AC
and DC applications from 50 kV to 800 kV and high current applications for generators from 30 MW to 1500 MW.
+ Our Product Service Centers ensures spare parts, retrofit kits and replacement units.
+ Our licensed Local Service Centers provides emergency repair, overhauls and other services.
+ We repair, upgrade and retrofit our ABB new and legacy breakers and gas insulated switchgear utilizing original
drawings and replacement parts. We replace and renew all other switchgear parts.
+ Our Life Cycle Service is based on Experience, Competence, Speed, Reliability & Performance.

Live Tank

ED < 72 kV
LTB-D < 170 kV
LTB-E < 550 KV
HPL-B < 800 kV

Dead Tank

PM < 800 kV


PASS < 170 kV

Compass < 170 kV
Combined DCB < 420 kV
Compact WCB < 550 kV

Gas Insulated

EXK-0 < 145 kV

ELK-0 < 170 kV
ELK 14 < 300 kV
ELK-3 < 550 kV

Installation Services:

Our high voltage products are delivered with

comprehensive product manuals for installation,
commissioning and maintenance. Still we
recommend that supervision of installation and
commissioning is carried out by a licensed ABB
service technician. We can also provide
decommissioning and removal of old equipment as
well as step-by-step renewal of switchgear.



Corrective Services:
High Current

HGI < 6.3/50 kA

HGC < 7.7/63 kA
HEC < 24/160 kA


EXLIM < 800 kV

PEXLIM < 800 kV
PEXLINK < 800 kV
MXE < 800 kV
AZ < 800 kV
POLIM <44 kV


IMB < 800 kV

CPA/B < 800 kV
MOCT < 800 kV
TG < 550 kV
OMU < 550 kV
EMFC < 170 kV


HiQ < 24 kV
Dry Q < 170 kV
Shunt < 550 kV
Serie < 800 kV

Air Insulated

AIS Bay < 300 kV

ABB Legacy Products

(ASEA, BBC, ITE etc. please consult ABB for full information)
ABB has the largest installed base of high voltage and high current switchgear of any
manufacturer with oil tank, minimum oil, air blast, live tank & dead tank SF6, porcelain,
metal clad & polymer technology. We provide service & replacement for the following
legacy products:
+ Gould/ITE and Westinghouse oil tank breakers type KM/KS and GC/GS/GM
+ ASEA and BBC minimum oil breakers type HLC/HLD/HLR and FR/FS/FT/TI/TF/TR
+ BBC/Oerlikon Air blast breakers type DC*/DH*/DL* ABB/ASEA and ABB/BBC SF6 live tank
breakers type HPL-A, HPL-C, LTB-G, ELF, EDF, ACI
+ Westinghouse SF6 live tank breakers type SF*/DW*/LW*
+ Gould/ITE SF6 dead tank breakers type KM/KS, GA/GB
+ ABB/BBC SF6 dead tank breakers type PA ABB/ASEA and ABB/BBC Gas Insulated
Switchgear type VGA/VGB/VGC ABB/BBC/Calor Emag Gas Insulated Switchgear
EBK/ECK/ELK1/ELK2, ZF, ENK ABB/BBC generator circuit breakers type DB/DR/HEK
+ ABB/ASEA/BBC Disconnecting switches type NSA/NRB, S*/T*
+ ABB/ASEA/BBC Instrument transformers IMBD, IMBE, CPDE, AOK
+ Replacement of obsolete gap type surge arresters and capacitors with new technology

Our general policy is to store replacement parts for 10

or 20 years after end of production depending on
products. The main spare part stock is located in our
factory Product Service Center and ready to be
shipped within 24 hours. The stock is monitored and
available via the ERP system. Our 24/7/365 support
network will ensure fast and professional corrective

Preventive Services:

ABB high voltage products requires a minimum of

maintenance. Our recommended maintenance and
overhaul procedures are stated in the product
manuals. We recommend the use of point-on-wave
switching and ABB can supply this for all new
breakers and most ABB single pole operated
breakers. Both our breakers and our surge arresters
can be equipped with on line monitoring. Depending
on type of technology (Air blast, oil, SF6), operating
conditions and environment a major overhaul can be
necessary after 5 to 10 years. We also recommend
that this overhaul is carried out by licensed ABB
service technicians and with original parts.

Value Added Services:

ABB can supply retrofit and upgrading kits for life

extension for many of our breakers. And our Dr
Switchgear can also give you an expert assessment
of the switchgear and recommend the best
alternative to modernize your assets utilizing our
modular and configurable switchgear concept.

Support Services:

ABB provides comprehensive application guide

(ance) and training programs. We can also assist you
with application studies for line arresters and pointon-wave switching to ensure maximum availability
and power quality.



Value Added