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Sea port is a point or node which facilitate the movement of goods and
passengers using the sea mode will begin, end, or transfer and transit. The
Hierarchy of Port of Jepara in National Port Hierarchy as the Feeder Port with the
functions to serving domestic sea transport activities, instead of unloading of
domestic sea transport in limited quantities, the feeder for the main port and the
port of hunter-gatherers, and as the place of origin and destination of passengers
and or/the goods. Based on data from the Office Port of Jepara pointed out that the
current visit of the ship, down/up passengers and loading/unloading of
goods through the port of Jepara within 5 (five) years indicate a significant
improvement. Because of the limited budget provided by the Directorate
General of Sea Transportation to ensure the condition of port assets fulfill the
needs of the users, The Port Authority need strategies to improve port services.
This research aims to analyze the needs of port development and determine
policy and strategy to improve the port service at public service port. As for the
determination of priority development of the port is carried out using the analytic
hierarchy process approach (AHP). AHP decision-making methodology was
developed by the Saaty to solve problems that involve a lot of criteria where there
are feedback and linkages between criteria and alternatives. Selection and
weighting criteria through literature and the interview with directorate of port
planner, port operator, and users.
The results of this research show that the first level of the hierarchy is the
optimization of existing facilities with priority score 0,760. On the second level of
the hierarchy that gets the highest priority value is increased passenger service
with the score 0,481 and the subsequent order of precedence that increased
services ships with a score of 0,227; increased service items with a value of 0,191,
and an increase in human resources with 0,101. On the third level of the hierarchy
can be known that increased efforts toward servicing ships, goods and passengers,
the determination of the system and the procedure becomes a top priority. As for
the criteria of improving human resource competence improvement set as the
main focus. To anticipate the needs of the future port facilities that need to be
developed was the arrival terminals, pier, and field buildup.
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