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The Sections:

About Me
Character & Dialogue
Description & Setting
Point of View

In Each Section:
At least one prompt from the unit, followed by writers commentary

why choose this prompt?

Polished stories from the unit

inspiration (drawing, photo, song, fable, prompt, etc)


Reflection: What were your goals as a writer at each stage?

What are examples of significant revision (not proofreading)?

What has your peer review group and/or Herzog done to help you reach those goals? Be specific.
Showcase a before and after direct example for each of these instances of revision.
Why does it qualify as an example of the identified objective?
What went wrong?
What went right?
Insights? Lessons? Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Notes to self?

The Final Story

The culmination of studying reading and writing fiction this semester

The Final Reflection

A thorough, thoughtful, genuine reflection of your progression as a writer. How does this piece
showcase your learning and application of the tenets of fiction?

How have you grown as a reader and writer of fiction?

How has the class activities and experiences affected your writing?
How will you approach writing (fiction and otherwise) in the future?
What will you continue to work on now that the class is over?
Feel free to include any additional insights, lessons,thoughts, questions, comments or notes to self
that may apply.

*this should be the longest reflection!