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The Bread
At 18th December 1897. There were two
brother, all of them have one shop, they were Jim
and Breg. Jim was rich, and Breg was also rich.
They were tall, and diligent, many people saw
them like a master of shop, but they thought they
were only a normal people that have a shop. One
enemy for them when out off stock.
One day, Jim had 110 bread, then Jim said,
I think i will give 10 bread to Breg. Then, the night he was going to Bregs shop with his
bycycle and put them in front of Bregs shop. But when he was going home his bread was
still 110. Then he thought he maybe so sleepy, so he will gave Bread to Breg once more time
The next day, Jim went to Bregs shop and put 10 bread in front of the shop, but
when he going home he saw there was 110 bread in front of his shop. And once again, he
gave 10 bread to Breg tomorrow.
The next day, Jim went to Bregs shop and saw someone who brought 10 bread
with him. Then, Jim was going to that man, and he was suprised that man was Breg. Then
Jim said, Why are you bringing this bread?. Then Breg said, I will give you 10 bread and
go home, but when i go home, my bread was 110. And you ?, What are you doing with
those bread?. Then Jim said, I want to give you 10 bread too. Then, they laughing
I think you will need more bread, Jim said. I think you will need more bread,
too, Breg said, hahaha and now the mistery have been finished, Jim and Breg said