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FCB grid explains that advertising works differently depending on the product involved.
The advertising planning model suggests that communication response is different for high versus low
involvement products/services and those which required predominantly thinking (left brain) or feeling
(right brain) information processing.
The FCB grid focuses on four advertising planning strategies e.g. informative, affective, habitual, and

Consumer involvement with HERO MotoCorp

High Involvement/Emotional
Products such as car, home, bikes etc. since they are high value items and are not purchased often
but are relevant and important to the consumers, therefore they are high involvement products.
For people in India, products such as motorcycles are high involvement product as it enhances
ones self-esteem or ego or self-image.
Communication strategy of HERO: Emotional Appeal as it tries to capture the real emotions of
Since it is a high-involvement emotive purchase, the response sequence here follows a feel-learndo pattern.
The quadrant II involves products that are high involvement, but specific information is less
important than an attitude or holistic feeling.

That is because of the importance of this product and how it relates to a persons self esteem.

AFFECTIVE STRATEGY should be used as a an advertising strategy so as to connect with the
Attitude or feeling towards the product is more important
The advertising strategy of Hero should aim for an emotional appeal and should strive to enhance
the consumers ego or self-image.
The suggested tactics should include traditional platforms such as large dramatic print exposure
and television ads.