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MH1800 Mathematics 1

Learning Objective
In this course, the basic concepts of limits, differentiation and integration are introduced.
Applications of differential and integral calculus are included. In addition, the course also
covers topics on complex numbers, vectors and matrices to prepare the students for other
courses in Year 1.
1. Complex numbers
2. Vectors and matrices
3. Limits and continuity of functions
4. Derivatives
5. Applications of derivatives
6. Integration
7. Integration methods
8. Applications of integration
Student Assessment
Students will be assessed based by final examination (70%) and continual assessment
Tutorial Attendance
Test 1 (Tutorials 1,2,3)
+ Determinants (inTut4)
Test 2 (Tutorials 4,5,6)

Weekly Tutorial Class
During Tutorial 5 (15 19 Sep)


During Tutorial 8 ( 13 - 17 Oct )


Test 3 (Tutorials 7,8,9)

During Tutorial 10 (27 31 Oct)



30 %

Final Exam: 24 November 2014, 9 a.m.

Thomas, GB Jr., Weir MD, Hass J and Giordano FR, Thomas Calculus, 11th edition,
Pearson-Addison-Wesley, 2005
Absence from Quiz
A student who is absent from quiz without valid Leave of Absence will be given zero mark for the
missed quiz.
If you have a valid reason for absence, inform your lecturer and your tutor before the quiz so
that a replacement quiz in another tutorial group may be arranged in the same week. You will
also need to notify your school and obtain a leave of absence. If a replacement quiz cannot be
arranged, the weight for the quiz will be transferred to the final exam.
1. Smith RT and Minton RB, Calculus: Concepts and Connections, McGraw Hill, 2006.
2. Stewart J, Calculus, International Metric Edition, 7th Edition, Cengage Learning,
3. Anton H, Calculus with Analytic Geometry, 5th edition, John Wiley & Sons, 1995.
4. Ayres F Jr and Mendelson E, Schaums Outline of Theory and Problems of Calculus,
4th edition, McGraw Hill, 2000.