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rie Hin Author: Lawrence E, Hayes January 23, 1969 Division: Biological Research Dated: March 14, 1966 to RDR, 1969, No. 2 Novenber 4, 1968 No. of Pages: 11 Previous Reports: None oBgecT: for the production of microbial To develop fermentation procedui cells with high glucose isonerase activity. SUSIARY: Fermentation procedures were developed to produce Art in a 2% xylose medium. The cells from the medium ferment, flasks exhibited glucose isomerase activities of 860 to 1120 yUnits per ml. Activities of cells from the nediun fermented in 30-gallon fermentors were 560 to 1050 ;Units per ml. Notebook Pages: See Appendix 0926 96005 TABLE OF CONT EASE OBIECI ee i ee GIR ¢5 6g d5h00b00000G0bGo00GcbaGG0 tt MGI 05 Goon acoopHddogud0en Goods / INTRODUCTION 6 ee ee ee ee ERI I, Determination of Iscnerase Activity Gilthe Arthrobecter (Celle. settee sete te II, Isolation of Variant Strains... eee ee ee IIL. Production of Cells by Fermenting in Erlenmeyer Flasks se ett ee ee tet ee ee S a. Preparation of Medium. 6. ee ee ee eee 5 b. Preparation of Inoculum... .- 2+ e+e eee 5 ¢. Fermentation Conditions and Results... +e +++ + 5 IV. Production of Cells by Fermenting in 30-Gallon Fermentors. ss ee ett eee eee et te 6 a. Preparation of Medium... eee ee ee eee 687 b. Preparation of Inoculum. ss. sees eee ee 6 c. Fermentation Conditions and Results... +. ++ 7 h piel) o 9 dc 00090090000 G000005c0KL) D, CONCLUSIONS 6 eee ee eee ee ee BED EB. PALE PBT ee ee i) BIBLIOGRAPHY 6 ee eee ee ee ee ee 10 (apwio bo 90d 0nd do oc oc udGbddgunoogoml 1920 woos, SI OF TABLE Table Xo. oa Title Glucose Isomerase Activity of Cells : of RIR 2453-Y obtained from a 2%, xylose medium Fermented in Erlenmeyer Flasks . ee ee Glucose Isomerase Activity of Cells of RJR 2% xylose Medium Fermented in 30- Gallon Fermentors. +e + +e ee ees 2926 20095