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Wallace Community College Selma

Course Title:
Introduction to Unity 3D Scripting
Course Number:
CIS 153
Computer Number:

Spring 2015
Meeting Time:
9:30 10:45 A.M. M/W
Meeting Location:
HSTC 300

Connie Jones
Credit Hours: 3
CIS 251 or Prior knowledge of Javascript
Required Text /Materials: Unity Game Development Essentials Goldstone, 9th Edition, Packt Publishing
ISBN #: 9781847198181 -- (8GB or more) Flash Drive.
Handouts: Additional handouts may be required. Instructor will provide information on obtaining this
Please read:

Please read this syllabus carefully. It contains vital information about what is expected of you in this
class. It is designed to serve as a reference tool for the basic structure of this class. However, even
with all the thought and preparation that went into the design for this syllabus, I am sure that there
are some unique issues that may not have been addressed. Therefore, please contact me to address
any concerns.


Mrs. Connie M. Jones

Wallace Community College
P.O. Box 2530
Selma, AL 36702 - 2530
Office Location: Hank Sanders Technology Center Room 224
Office Telephone:
Office Hours: TBA
WCCS Email address:

Americans with

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 ( Section 504) and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 state
that qualified students with disabilities who meet the essential functions and academic requirements
are entitled to reasonable accommodations. It is the responsibility of the student to provide
appropriate disability documentation to the College. In addition, the student must initiate an official
request for special accommodations. If special classroom instructional accommodations are
needed please contact the ADA Coordinator, Ms. Sheila Theiss at (334) 876-9294. An official
special accommodation request must be submitted to the ADA Coordinator every semester for
each specific course.

Important Dates

January 12------------------------------------------ First Day of Classes

January 19------------------------------------------ Holiday (No Classes)

March 23-27 --------------------------------------- Spring Break (No Classes)

April 15 --------------------------------------------- Last Day To Withdraw From Class

May 5-7 -------------------------------------------- Final Exams

May 15 --------------------------------------------- Graduation

Note From the Instructor

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my class. I wish you success in this course and look forward to working with
you this semester. In order to succeed in this class, I encourage you to attend class regularly and complete all projects and assignments
by the due date on the assignment schedule. If you need to contact me outside of class, please contact me at or
call me at 334-876-9243.
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Now! are to establish the importance of always using best writing practices and to provide you with proof readers, tutors, and online
composition tools. We hope to ensure your success by helping you to improve this important life skill. Look for information about
Write Now! on our website by browsing to

(Course Website) serves as a portal containing supplemental information for the course including lecture notes, PowerPoint slides, and
other media resources. Students are expected to check it regularly.


Course Description
This course will serve as both be an introductory programming course and an intro to game modifications and design using Javascript
and the Unity 3D game engine. It covers the basic elements of the Javascript language such as syntax, variables, and functions. It will
provides students with the fundamentals of game design and theory.
Students must complete this course with at least a C average.

Course Objectives

To explore basic programming concepts in Javascript.

To explore object-oriented programming and design issues.
To guide the students to understand product development using simulation and game development programmming, tools, and
Guide the student to be able to use the proper syntax, code structure, structured design and object coding to complete working
models in team and individual projects.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of CIS 153, the student will be able to:

Create and use Javascript functions.

Use Javascript variables and operators.
Demonstrate knowledge of game and simulation development.
Demonstrate mastery of the development tools being used.
Generate working code that will demonstrate game play and simulated actions and outcomes.

Modes of Instruction
This course utilizes lecture, class discussion, extensive video tutorials and handouts to deliver course content.
Students should expect that work outside of class is a requirement to complete the assignments.

Evaluation and Assessment

Grading Policy:
Homework Assignments of various types
Software Video Training
Individual/Group Projects
Final Project/Presentation


The following grading scale will be used to report grades on the official school records:
A 90 to 100
B 80 to 89
C 70 to 79
D 60 to 69
F 0 to 59



Students must complete this course with at least a C average.

Make-up Test/Exam Policy

You are expected to take tests and turn in other asignments as scheduled. If you miss a test and do not have a doctors excuse, proof
of death in your immediate family, or other official documentation approved by me, you will be given a zero for the test.
Excuses will only be accepted within one week of the test missed. After that, the zero will stand.

Late Assignment Policy

No late work or makeup work is accepted without prior arrangements. The only exception is a documented illness or medical
No late work accepted after 1 week from the due date.
No late work accepted after the final exam is given.

If you decide to withdraw from this class, you should contact the office of Student Services. You may withdraw and receive a grade of
W. Withdrawals may affect Standards of Academic Progress (refer to Student Handbook) which may effect your ability to
receive financial aid. If you are unsure of your academic progress, please go by the Financial Aid department in the Student Center.
Note: The last day to withdraw from this course is April 15, 2015. If you stop attending class but do not officially withdraw
from the course, your grade will be based on all work required for the course. Please note that all coursework that is not
submitted will receive a grade of 0 for the missed assignment.
Any student who completely withdraws prior to 61% period of enrollment or who stops attending classes will be responsible
for any unearned funds that the college must return to the Department of Education. Students will be placed on hold and will
not be released until the debt has been cleared with the business office. Students that are placed on hold will not be able to
register, nor receive any official or unofficial documents from the college.

Class Attendance
Students are responsible for reading and being familiar with the Colleges Attendance Policy as stated in the WCCS Catalog/Student
Handbook. Students are expected to arrive on time, attend all class sessions, and be responsible for any and all material missed
during any absence. Excessive absences, regardless of the reason or circumstance, may interfere with the students ability to
successfully complete the requirements of this course.

Academic Honesty
Academic honesty is highly valued at Wallace Community College. Students are expected to submit work that
represents his or her original words or ideas. All papers, quizzes, exams and homework assignments are expected to
reflect the individual students effort. Please see the Wallace Community College Catalog for more information about
academic honesty, including consequences of academic dishonesty.

Statement on Discrimination/Harassment
The College and the Alabama State Board of Education are committed to providing both employment and educational
environments free of harassment or discrimination related to an individuals race, color, gender, religion, national origin,
age, or disability. Such harassment is a violation of State Board of Education policy. Any practice or behavior that
constitutes harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated.

Classroom Discipline
Students are responsible for reading and being familiar with the Colleges Student Discipline Policy as stated in the WCCS
Catalog/Student Handbook.


As a courtesy, please do not talk, type loudly, or print while the instructor is talking to the class or when a student is
asking a question which pertains to the class.
Refrain from surfing the Web during class, unless directed by your instructor.
Refrain from bringing food and drink into the classroom.
You are encouraged to work together to solve problems. However, you must complete your own work.

Open Door Policy

Please contact me about any problems or concerns that you may experience relating to this course. Prompt and consistent
communication is essential for your success in this course, especially if you are experiencing difficulties that may impede
your ability to pass the course. I have included my office telephone number, location, and email address in the contact
information section of this syllabus. If my office hours are not convenient, you may contact me to schedule an
appointment. I welcome conversation about grades and any other concerns that you encounter throughout the course.

Tentative Course Content

Exploring Javascript*
Expressions and Control Flow in JavaScript*
JavaScript Functions, Objects, and Arrays*
Welcome to the Third Dimension
Player Characters
Prefabs, Collection and HUD
Instantiation and Rigid Bodies
Particle Systems
Menu Design
Finishing Touches
Building and Sharing
Testing and Further Study
*Handout will be supplied
**Additional topics will be covered during the semester as time permits.