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B.Ed. Teaching Practice Lesson Plan

Nawal Abdulla
Al Ethan School


Mrs. Aisha Al Mazrooe
computer basics unit
(Desktop properties and dealing with

Grade one

No of

Context of the lesson

This lesson is the third lesson in computer basics unit is Desktop properties and dealing with Icons.

Teaching goal
The overall aim of the lesson is to teach the
1. Identify on the desktop components
2. Identify with software icons (open - close - Minimize - Maximize - Restore the program window size)
Learning objectives.
Students will be able to:
Know and understand the desktop components
Open, minimize, restore and close the program window.
Assumptions about prior learning
The learners will have be familiar with running / closing a computer and the method of refraining mouse.
Anticipated problems and possible solutions
Some learners will find it difficult to turn on computer or may have problem with their computer I will try to

solve a problem.
Personal focus for this lesson
Level of the voice
Body language by using gesture
Eye contact
Communicate with students
Target language
1. Desktop
2. Icon
3. Open
4. Close
5. Maximize
6. Minimize
7. Restore
Main tasks or activities
List the tasks in sequence:
drawing posters : to show them surface of the

table related of the lesson

PowerPoint : to explain of the lesson with a picture
Computer : apply on computer
worksheet : reflect what they learn
Consider these grouping strategies:
Individual work
Whole class
TP3b 2013-14

Teacher language

-Who can open the program Tux paint on my

- Do you learn something today?

Resources and teaching aids

List the aids eg.
drawing posters
Consider where the children are working:
At their desk

Lesson Procedure
1. All should

Will know open computer

2. Most should
Open program

3. Some should
Will be able to understand the
desktop components

Warming up with whole class
Teacher will show for student drawing poster to ask them :

Min 5

What are the tools that important a presence on your desk?

Then she will tell for them papers, pens, printer and computer are all keen to put it on my
desk, do not forget the trash put it next to the office to throw out the papers that I no
longer need it .
As well as for a computer containing the desktop. Desktop and shows me when after the
device driver.
So that the teacher want to interact with her and participate in the class.
Main Activities:
1- Explain:
The teacher will give for student new knowledge like show them new vocabulary.
The teacher will explain for them step by step by PowerPoint for students to apply on their


If the teacher saw some student dont understand she will repeat lesson to sure all student get the

Each student they will apply on their computer to present for the teacher what they understand of
the lesson

Min 10

Min 1


Min 10
The teacher will evaluate for their student to give for them worksheet and the teacher will
evaluate all student understand and who one finished their work.

TP3b 2013-14