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By: Alex Carrico

Who Is Alexander Fleming?

Every trip to the pharmacy and the
doctors office has one thing in common:
they both continue to benefit from the
work of Alexander Fleming, the inventor of
the antibiotic Penicillin. Fleming always
made efforts to help people locally and
around the world.

Today I will tell you about Alexander
Flemings family and origins, his schooling,
his accomplishments, the story of
Penicillin, the discovery of Penicillin, what
he is known for, a video, and his society

Alexander Flemings Family

Alexander Fleming was the seventh son born in Ayshire,
Scotland to a poor family of eight children.

Alexander Fleming married Alexander Fleming married

Catherine Robertson in Kirkmichael, Perth, Scotland,
December 2, 1775.


At St. Mary's Medical School, London University, He

qualified with distinction in 1906
Began research at St. Mary's under Sir Almroth Wright
Became a lecturer at St. Mary's until 1914.
He was elected Professor of the School in 1928 and
Emeritus Professor of Bacteriology, University of London in

Other than the discovery of Penicillin and Lysozome,
Alexander Fleming received knighthood in 1944 and the
Nobel peace prize in 1945. For the English person,
knighthood is the highest honor that you can receive. Also,
for ones work in science, the Nobel peace prize is the
highest award you can achieve.

The Story of Penicillin

Penicillin is the story of a complete accident that lead to one
of the greatest discoveries that man-kind has ever known.
Penicillin was discovered when Fleming accidentally left a
Petri dish full of Staphylococcus Aureus out and it became
contaminated. He then noticed that around the mold, the
bacteria had been killed. He took the mold and extracted
the substance that killed the bacteria and named it

Discovery of Penicillin Video

What Is He known For?

He was the inventor of Penicillin which to
this day is still used all over the world and
continues to save many lives.
He also discovered lysozome, a mild
antibacterial found in saliva and mucus.

Society Impact
Alexander Fleming has cured may diseases today and has
made the world a better place to live. Before Penicillin, 1
out of three people died from infection. Thats a 60%
mortality rate! In WWII, more than 9 million soldiers were
saved by Penicillin.

To Wrap it All Up
Alexander Fleming is one of the most
important people to the field of
microbiology because of his
discovery of penicillin ad continues to
impact society today.