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Open Hearts Learning Abroad


Open Hearts Learning Abroad

OHLA High School Program

Miami & Orlando
Dear International Student,
Open Hearts Learning Abroad - OHLA is an international educational organization which specializes in offering
High School programs in Florida.
The staff at OHLA has over 16 years of experience in welcoming international students from around the globe,
helping them fulfill their dreams of being an American high school student. Whether you come to the USA for
one semester or one academic year, our support staff will be there to guide and assist you with your American
high school experience, while ensuring a welcoming environment throughout the duration of your program. Rest
assure that, at all times, we strive to meet our clients needs and expectations.
Our knowledge, experience and passion will make your stay in the USA an unforgettable experience. Rest assure
that, at all times, we will strive to meet your needs and expectations. We, at OHLA, hope that you will join us in the
near future.
OHLA High School Team

OHLA High School Program ........................................... 2

Miami and Orlando .......................................................... 7

Highlights of the Program ............................................... 3

Schools in Miami ............................................................. 8

The High School experience ........................................... 4

Schools in Orlando ........................................................ 12

Living with your Host Family ........................................... 5

Additional Programs offered by OHLA......................... 15

Arrival and Activity Program ........................................... 6

Highlights of the Program

Choice of semester or full year programs.

Students enrolled in this program enter the United States with an F-1 student visa issued by the Miami Dade
Public School District or the Orange County Public School District.

In each city, students select 3 high schools amongst pre-selected Public High Schools and OHLA guarantees
placement in one of their selected schools.

Accommodation in host families.

In Miami, families speak both, English and Spanish. In Orlando, families speak English only.

OHLA assigns a program counselor to each student throughout the entirety of the program.

Upon receiving a high school diploma, students are eligible to apply to any college or university as an American
high school graduate.

Students gain real-life experience in the American education system, preparing them to enter a college or university.

OHLAs University Placement Advisors help students apply to the American university or college that is best
for them.

In order to participate in OHLAs High School program
students must:
Be at least 14 and no older than 17 years of age
upon arrival
Have an Intermediate level of English
Hold and maintain a passing grade point average
Provide academic transcripts of the last 3 years,
including current year


All international students are required to have full
insurance coverage while in the program. If required,
OHLA can offer comprehensive health insurance,
which can be added to the program fees. The
monthly premium is $80.00 USD. Students must
also have all vaccines required by the state of
Florida in order to attend High School. List of
immunization requirements are provided on request.

Have not graduated from High School in their home



Once acceptance has been granted, the school
district will issue the I-20 Form. Students must
bring the I-20 Form along with personal and
financial documents to the American Consulate/
Embassy in their home countries in order to apply
for the F-1visa. Note that the F1 visa is only valid
for 1 academic year and cannot be extended or
renewed to attend another public school. However,
it can be used to transfer to a private school or to a
college or university.

Watch our
High School Video

Open Hearts Learning Abroad

The High School Experience

The American Public High School educational system includes 4 grades of study, which are known as: Freshman (9th
grade), Sophomore (10th grade), Junior (11th grade) and Senior (12th grade).Students will be placed in the appropriate
grade upon arrival according to their school academic history.
OHLA offers placements in Public schools. The schools are selected based on location, the quality of academics
offered, the university acceptance rate as well as the variety of subjects, sports and activities offered.
In Miami, students can choose from 10 High schools while in Orlando, students can choose amongst 7 High schools.
Students select 3 schools and OHLA guarantees placement in one of their selected schools. We assign the school
that is best suited to each individual student based on their individual needs.
Students participating in the OHLA High School program in Florida should be prepared for a wonderful experience!
Our team puts forth a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that you receive the highest level of academics
complimented with an array of opportunities in sports and after-school activities.
Schools might also organize specific field trips and excursions throughout the year and students have the option to
participate as well. Some activities and sports are only available during certain seasons and additional fees may apply.
Students who wish to play sports have to try out and school coaches make the final decision. OHLA does not
guarantee the acceptance of students in any sport or other extracurricular activities. All students, wishing to try out
for sport teams, are required to do a physical exam with an American doctor.
You can also plan to come for your final year of high school in the USA and receive an American High School Diploma,
which will help you gain acceptance in an American University or College of your choice.



The majority of high schools in both destinations offer

international students the option of enrolling in ESOL
classes at no extra charge. This additional program
fulfills the English requirements for graduation for
those students who have recently arrived in the
United States and need some extra help to improve
their English skills. Students are placed by grade level
and instruction is given based upon levels of English
proficiency with appropriate materials and strategies.

Public schools offer a wide variety of sports and other

extracurricular activities. OHLA highly encourages
international students to join sports teams, music
classes, social clubs, theater and any other activities
after school. This is a great way of socializing and
making friends while improving their English.

Living with your Host Family

Living with your host family offers a truly unforgettable
experience! When you talk to students who have
already participated in this program, some will remember
their favorite teacher, others their favorite coach or best
friend. However, all of them remember their host family
and the relationship they fostered during the time they
lived as a member of that family.
Once the student application is submitted to OHLA
the placement process begins. Our staff works on
matching the student with the best host family.

Please note that American families come in many

shapes and sizes and from various religious and
ethnic backgrounds. We do our best to provide the best
possible match but we cannot guarantee any specific
host family request. In some cases, sharing your host
family with a student from a different nationality might
take place; however you will still enjoy the comfort
and privacy of your own private room. Host families
provide half board during the week and full board on
weekends and holidays. During weekdays, students
buy their lunch at school.


Every host family is different and they can range from single parents to a mother and father with many children. Each
family will have their own way of life, which can often result in a variety of types and sizes of homes. There are however
certain things that can always be expected of a host family. For example:

A fully furnished single room with storage space for clothes and personal belongings

A homework space

Breakfast and dinner at home during school days

Breakfast, lunch and dinner at home on weekends and school holidays

Location no further than 45 minutes from school. This distance is often much shorter but in the big city areas 45
minutes is normal

All families are located in a safe neighborhood of the city

You may share the host family with another international student; however each student will have their own room


Great opportunity to really live the local culture
through total immersion in US cultural environment
Shorter adaptation time through the help of the host
Safe environment with parental guidance and support
Great contacts for friends and activities outside of
the school

Open Hearts Learning Abroad

Open Hearts Learning Abroad


Students are required to arrive a few days prior to the

schools official start date. The purpose of this is to
help students get ready for school enrollment, have
their compulsory medical exam, receive their formal
orientation, and meet representatives of OHLA and
the school district. We will also assist students in
getting situated in the city and show them a little bit of
what their destination of choice has to offer.

Following the excitement of the arrival, students
might feel homesick and alone and might benefit from
meeting more often with other international students.
To overcome this problem, OHLA organizes a number
of optional activities and field trips where students
can meet each other and spend additional time with
OHLA team members. Here are some of the activities

Boat Tour

Visit of Universal Studios

Visit of Islands of Adventure

Pot Luck dinner

Visit of Busch Gardens

Tour of the Kennedy Center

Tour of the Everglades

Visit to Key West

Weekend trip to New York City

Weekend trip to Chicago

Farewell party



Miami derives its name from the Native American word

Mayami, which means Big Water and it is located
in the southeastern part of the United States. Miami
was a popular destination for Pirates like Blackbeard
and others to bury their treasures. Miami is also known
as Americas Riviera thanks to its subtropical climate,
extensive vegetation and pristine beaches.

Orlando dates back to the year 1838 when the US

Army established Fort Gatlin South at the height of the
Seminole Wars, right where Orlando sits today. Soon
a community grew around this Fort. Jernigan was
the first name the city had and it was given after the
Jernigan family. The name Orlando came after in honor
of Orlando Reeves, a sentinel soldier who spotted an
Indian attack.

Miami is an important center and leader in finance,

commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and
international trade. In 2008, Forbes magazine ranked
Miami as Americas Cleanest City, for its year-round
good air quality, vast green spaces, clean drinking
water and clean streets. Miami was ranked as the
richest city in the United States, and the worlds
fifth-richest city in terms of purchasing power.
Thanks to its sunny weather, Miami offers countless
outdoor activities, making it one of the worlds top
destinations for water sports. It is home to the Miami
HEAT, NBA Champions in 2006, 2012 and 2013.
Miamis South Beach has been ranked the #1 beach in
the United States by the Travel Channel.

Orlando is nicknamed The City Beautiful. The city

is also called The Theme Park Capital of the World,
since it is the home of theme parks like: Walt Disney
World, Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure,
SeaWorld, Gatorland, and Wet n Wild Water Park.
The citys famous attractions form the backbone of
Orlandos tourism industry, making the city the most
visited American city. Orlando is also home to the
University of Central Florida, which is the second
largest university campus in the United States in terms
of enrollment.


The first suntan lotion was invented in Miami Beach.

In 2010, 54 million people came to Orlando on

vacation, making it one of the largest tourist
destinations in the world.

The only Everglades eco-system in the world is in


There are over 2000 lakes throughout the Greater

Orlando area.

Miami has more than 800 parks.

The first amusement park in Orlando was Wet n

Wild and its one of the few open 365 days a year.


Miami has the largest Art Deco building collection in

the world.
Miami has the largest cruise ship port in the world.

Downtown Miami

Orlando has more than 5000 restaurants with more

opening each week. If you ate each meal at a different
restaurant, it would take over 5 years to cover them all.

Downtown Orlando

Open Hearts Learning Abroad

Miami Schools
Located at the southern end of the Florida peninsula,
the Miami-Dade County Public School District
includes a number of diverse and vibrant communities.
A truly global community, district students speak 56
different languages and represent 160 countries.
M-DCPS is Americas fourth-largest school system
with a diverse enrollment of more than 340,000
students, offers innovative educational programs at its
435 schools, including elementary, middle, senior high
schools and alternative, specialized and vocational
centers. The impressive array of course offerings
include renowned bilingual schools, international
baccalaureate programs, schools in the workplace, and
a convenient downtown commuter school designed
for working parents.
In 2012 the school district of Miami Dade was the
recipient of the Broad Prize Award, an Award that
honors urban school districts that demonstrate the
greatest overall performance and improvement in
student achievement.


Student Enrollment: 4147
Located in West Kendall, John A. Ferguson Senior
High School opened in 2003. It provides an academic
experience through a career academy model. This
model emphasizes career and technical education,
critical thinking, and intercultural understanding to
prepare students to meet the demands of the global
economy and future work force. Ferguson is also a
certified Magnet Program School and offers a full IB

Yearly, Ferguson students are awarded over $6.8

million in scholarships. Many graduates have taken
these scholarships to some of the finest world-class
universities such as Yale, Harvard, Cornell, Boston
College, The University of Pennsylvania, Johns
Hopkins, NYU, The University of Chicago, Brown, MIT,
and The University of Boston among others.
Activities and athletics also play a vital role in the
success of the schools programs. Students who
participate in the performing arts at Ferguson have
staged productions locally and nationally and the
school has been ranked third in the county for its
athletic programs.
Schools website:


Student Enrollment: 3057
Felix Varela Senior High School is located in
southwestern Miami. The school opened to students
in the fall of 1999, and since then has been dedicated
to creating a quality learning environment which
embraces innovative technology and instructional
rigor to meet everyday challenges by incorporating
relevant community issues, global advancements, and
expectations for high academic achievement into the
curriculum. At Felix Varela, students are empowered
to know they can succeed in Miamis diverse and
dynamic community. Amongst the student graduates,
over 85 % move on to a university and/or college

Felix Varela boasts a challenging curriculum and a

number of unique learning opportunities. Felix Varelas
offerings include the Visual Arts: Drawing, Painting,
Ceramics, and Photography, as well as the Performing
Arts: Drama, Television Productions, Marching Band,
Jazz Band and Dance. In addition, the school offers a
full range of academic and service clubs.
Schools website:


environment and opportunities for internships and

community-based projects before and after graduation.

Student Enrollment: 3363

G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School has over
3,300 students coming from many diverse cultural
backgrounds. This high rated school strives to facilitate
and guide the learning community in its quest for

Killian currently boasts 27 clubs and honor societies,

and offers over 35 sports programs. Killian also hosts
diverse elective programs such as Dance Impulse,
Band, Musical Theater, Killian Players Drama, We the
People Law Studies, Culinary Arts, Information Technology
Academy, Diversified Career Technology, and JROTC.
The school provides students with a variety of academic
programs including the Cambridge Global Studies
Academy (CGSA), the Information Technology Magnet
(IT), and Miami-Dade Countys innovative iPrep
program. The school also offers Advanced Placement
(AP), honors, and honors gifted courses in every
discipline as well as a nationally recognized Naval
Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC).
In addition to the magnet programs, Braddock Senior
High School is also a Visual and Performing Arts
Destination School. Braddocks Visual and Performing
Arts academy has four key subjects: Art, Instrumental
Music, Dance, and Theater. G. Holmes Braddock High
School also encourages student involvement in many
extracurricular activities. The focus of these various
activities is on community service, competition, and

Schools website:


Student Enrollment: 2713
Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School, located in
northeastern Miami, offers a rigorous academic program.
For ten years, the school has created a tradition of
excellence that inspires success in all areas of the school.

Schools website:


Student Enrollment: 2460
Miami Killian Senior High School is a dynamic,
multi-cultural, comprehensive high school with a
full-range of academic offerings, programs, activities
and sports. Through these areas, it is committed to
providing an environment in which students will be
Challenging Greatness.
At the core of Killians instructional practices is a
belief that students learn best when they are actively
involved in the learning process and have a variety of
instructional approaches and co-curricular activities to
support that process. The innovative iPrep program was
established to provide students with a technological

Krops success is evidenced by the schools high

rating from the State of Florida, its ranking among
the top 100 Florida High Schools by U.S. News and
World Report, and its 6th place ranking from the
College Board for students Advanced Placement (AP)
test scores. Yearly, its seniors garner approximately $8
million in college scholarships and are admitted to the
nations top universities and Ivy League schools.
At Krop, students are also provided with opportunities
to engage in almost 50 different clubs and groups
serving as extra-curricular activities. Krop is also the
home of the STAR Academy, the schools visual and
performing arts program. It provides classes in dance,
drama, vocal and instrumental music, visual arts, and
television production.
Schools website:


Open Hearts Learning Abroad


Student Enrollment: 1921
Located in the Kendall area of Miami, Miami Sunset
Senior High School serves a student population of
approximately 1,900 students. Each student is provided
with a rigorous curriculum. The school embraces its rich
tradition of the past 30 years and continuously strives
to achieve educational excellence for its students.

High School students win the most prestigious

scholarships, including the Gates Millennium, Posse,
National Merit, and Silver Knight. Over $35 million
in scholarships has been offered to graduate with
the past five years. The extensive athletic program,
including the powerhouse Badminton team, is ranked
6th in the District with 100% of graduating athletes
admitted to post-secondary institutions.

Schools website:

Sunset offers a curriculum with a concentration on
college and career readiness. Four National Academy
Foundation (NAF) career themes in the areas of
Engineering, Finance, Information Technology, and
Hospitality &Tourism are offered in addition to a
Medical Magnet with strands in Pre-Medicine, Sports
Medicine, and Allied Medical Science. Additional
career-themed academics include Visual & Performing
Arts, Early Childhood Education, Advanced Global
Studies and Law & Public Service.
Students are exposed to a variety of Science,
Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
skills to prepare them for industries that are in high
demand in the career world and students are taught by
highly qualified teachers who have expert knowledge
in their specialized field related to their academy courses.


Student Enrollment: 2651
Miami Palmetto Senior High, located in the Village of
Pinecrest in southeastern Miami-Dade County. Palmetto
is a nationally recognized senior high school and
a beacon of student achievement. Palmetto offers
a challenging academic program, while providing
stimulating coursework for students of all academic
levels. Over 140 faculty members are continually
developing and implementing programs to meet the
needs of the schools diverse population and currently,
almost 3,000 students have 290 course offerings from
which to choose.

Schools website:


Student Enrollment: 3333
Located in one of Miamis most beautiful districts, Coral
Gables Senior High School opened its doors in 1950 and
has maintained its level of performance for over 60 years.
Coral Gables High School has been ranked as high
as 5th in the United States by the College Board for
having one of the highest percentages of students
passing Advanced Placement (AP) exams. With the
support the Southern Association of Colleges and
Schools (SACS), the schools dual enrollment program
with Florida International University and Miami
Dade College has expanded to over 24 college level
courses offered on campus. Every year Coral Gables

Palmetto students regularly earn awards in a wide

range of areas, from athletics to the fine arts. Additionally,
over 94 % of Palmetto graduates in a four-year or
two-year college program. Students at Palmetto,
powered by a rigorous curriculum and the support of a
capable staff, are surrounded by their equally motivated
peers to create a compelling school environment
where success is simply part of the culture. The school
also provides a multitude of clubs and honor societies
to meet its student body diverse interests.
Schools website:



Student Enrollment: 2017

Student Enrollment: 3156

Ronald W. Reagan Senior High School is a comprehensive, traditional high school located in the Doral
area of Miami. The school, which opened in 2006,
excels academically and offers students a range of
academic programs as well as varied opportunities for
elective and extracurricular activities. Ronald Reagan/
Doral Senior High School challenges its students to be
the best.

Southwest Miami Senior High School, a leading

educational institution, has been recognized by U.S.
News and World Report as one of the top schools
in the nation. The school is committed to providing
challenging educational opportunities to a diverse
population of learners.

Schools website:

I have a very good relationship with my

host family because they always make me feel at
home. At the school I really feel good. I like my
classes and I really found a lot of friends. I go with
them to the beach, to parties and they sometimes
come to my house to do homework. Last Saturday
I went with my friends to South Beach. We had
fun. We also visited downtown Miami.

Maria Pia, Italy

Southwest students regularly compete and earn

awards in regional and national events. Recently,
business students competed in the national DECA
competition for young leaders and entrepreneurs and
earned over $48,000 in scholarship funds.
Southwest offers a challenging academic curriculum
delivered by a distinguished faculty. Recently
recognized for having one of the highest passing rate
in the United States on the Advanced Placement
Exams (AP), Southwest prides itself on offering a vast
curriculum that challenges students of all ability levels
Schools website:

Open Hearts Learning Abroad

I learned how hard it is to be by

yourself in a different country and I also learned
that everything is possible, that there are many
wonderful people in the world. No matter how
you look, what language you speak. I learned so
many things I cant even write down. I realized
how much I love my host family and I saw
many nice people helping each other.
Denisa, Slovakia

Reagan offers a challenging academic program

while providing stimulating coursework for students
regardless of their academic abilities. Currently,
students choose from 663 course offerings and benefits
from a curriculum that offers both college credit and
college-level preparations. The school offers, alongside
AP courses, IGCSE (International General Certificate
of Secondary Education) courses, AS (Advanced
Subsidiary) courses, and A-level courses, which are
international examinations valid across the world.
Through these courses, students are giving exposure
to varied methods of assessment, with particular
emphasis on development of writing and higher level
thinking skills, an international perspective necessary
for tomorrows leaders. Most importantly, Reagan offers
a broad, enhanced education that prepares students

Its Business Magnet program has been recognized

nationally as a Magnet School of Distinction and the
Academy of Finance has also been recognized by the
National Academy Foundation (NAF) as one of seven
nationwide Distinguished Academies.



Open Hearts Learning Abroad

The Orange County Public School District is a
positive force in the Central Florida educational scene
with an enrollment of over 185,000 thousand students
making it the 11th largest school district in the United
The district offers educational programs at its 178
schools; 125 elementary, 34 middle school and 19
senior high schools. In 2012 and 2013, the district was
selected by the College Board for the AP District
Honor Roll, one of 11 districts in the state to achieve
this distinction.


Enrollment: 3109
Freedom High School having been built in 2003 is a
fairly new high school and it is named in honor of the
September 11 attack. U.S. News awarded Freedom
High School with a silver metal award and was ranked
60th within Florida. Freedom High School provides its
students with several programs specialized in their
fields of interest. Such programs include Academy
of Hospitality and Tourism, which allows students to
combine courses in these subject areas while being
able to work with the local community and businesses.

Another program provided to students is the Academy

of Early Childhood Education; students who are
interested in working in the childcare industry or a
career in the Education field will find this course
particularly engaging. Students in the Childhood
Education Program have the opportunity to work with
children in local daycares, preschools, and elementary
schools. Freedom High School also provides additional
programs such as, AVID, Advanced Placement,

Academy of Mass Media, and Monticello Scholar

Academy of Excellence. Furthermore, Freedom High
School employs several teachers who are Nationally
Board Certified Teachers. In order to be certified
teachers must partake in a rigorous process that
analyzes their teaching framework, teachers must
also provide videos of their teaching and student work
Schools website:


Enrollment: 3458
Dr. Phillips High School was established in 1987 with
2,500 students and has grown significantly since. Dr.
Phillips High School offers two well-known magnet
programs in the Orange County area for Visual and
Performing Arts (VPA) and Center for International
Studies (CIS). For its Visual and Performing Arts
magnet program Dr. Phillips High School have
repeatedly won superior rankings at state and district
competitions in its chorus, orchestra, and band
programs. In addition, its Center for International
Studies magnet program is intended to engage
students in global awareness and cultural diversity
by exposing them to issues related to politics, law,
economics, humanities, and business internationally.

In the past, students in this magnet program have

travelled to countries such as China, India, Spain,
France and Greece to name a few. Furthermore, Dr.
Phillips High School also offers 24 different Advanced
Placement courses to its students. All Advanced
Placement courses are taught at a college level and
are accepted as college courses. Additionally, for
students who show an early interest in the Medical and
Business field they are able to partake in the Dr. Phillips
High School Medical and Business Academy Program.
Students in this program participate in courses in
their desired field as well as activities such as job
shadowing, field trips, projects, and guest speakers.
Schools website:


Enrollment: 2892
Olympia High School was established in 2001 and
is known as the Home of the Titans. Olympia High
School offers Advanced Placement and Valencias
Dual Enrollment Classes as well. Olympia also
provides students with the AVID program, it is a
program that prepares students for college by
accelerating student learning and applying researched
based methods for learning. In addition, Olympia High
School is primarily known for its Advanced Placement
Experience Scholars Academy (APEX) program. It is
a rigorous four-year program that is offered to only
a selected number of students who meet the
requirement; APEX requires that students take a
minimum of six Advanced Placement courses and six
Advanced Placement exams. Olympia High School
emphasizes greatly their importance to their athletic
teams. The are an extensive number of teams such
as, Cheerleading, Football, Soccer, Basketball,
Swimming, Golf, Bowling, Water Polo, Lacrosse, and
Tennis. In 2005, the Olympia High School mens golf
team won the state championship.

program is to instill community service, value of

citizenship and personal responsibility in its students.
Furthermore, Timber Creek High School provides
additional specialized programs such as the Academy of
Finance. This program offers a curriculum that covers
subject matters related to accounting, international
finance, banking, and entrepreneurship, among other
courses. In addition, students with an early interest in
a Veterinary career are able to take advantage of the
Academy of Agricultural and Animal Sciences program
provided. This program provides students with the
opportunity to experience hands on learning at a doggie
daycare and considering that the students continue this
program further they will have the chance to receive
a Vet Assist Certification. Other programs Timber Creek
High School offers are Business Academy, Science,
Technology, Engineering, and Early Childhood Academy.

Schools website:



Enrollment: 3713
Schools website:


Enrollment: 2958
Timber Creek High School was originally built as a
relief school for a nearby high school in 2000. Timber
Creek High School provides Advanced Placement
and AVID as the other high schools in the Orange
County area do, however, Timber Creek also offers
the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
(AFJROTC) program. AFJROTC program consist
of courses related to physical training, leadership,
Aviation History, Exploration of Space, Aviation, and
Science of Flight. As a requirement the students in
this program wear the Air Force uniform to school
one day a week. The overall concept of the AFJROTC

West Orange High School was founded in 1975, for

its era the school was considered to be extremely
modernistic; in fact, the main building in West
Orange High School was an award winning design
for an architecture firm. The programs provided
include, Advance Placement, AVID, and JROTC. West
Orange High School is committed to helping the local
community through its several nonprofit organizations
such as Best Buddies, which is an organization
dedicated to building friendships and employment
for people with intellectual disabilities. Students
participating in the Best Buddies organization simply
spend time at school with these children and partake in
several activities. Furthermore, through Progress Book
Parent Access, West Orange High School enables the
parents to view their childs grades at any given time.
Schools website:



Open Hearts Learning Abroad



Enrollment: 1943

Enrollment:: 3130

Lake Nona High School opened its doors in 2009;

its campus design is modern consisting of ten
two-story buildings. Lake Nona High School provides
distinct clubs students can participate in during and
after school hours such as, Art Club, Book Club,
Runners Club, Chess Club, and Yearbook Club
to name a few. Additionally, through its unique
partnership with Valencia College, Lake Nona High
School has developed The Collegiate Academy
Program. It is a fast-track academic program that
enables students to either complete a full Associate
in Arts degree (A.A.) or take one or two college-level
courses at Valencia College. Lake Nona High School
also has an impressive Digital Media Academy
Program for students interested in technology,
graphic design, website design, digital photography,
and TV Production. Students in Lake Nonas Digital
Media Academy have earned a sum of 120 Adobe
Certifications that give students pursuing the digital
media career an advantage. In addition, Lake Nona
High School offers a Health Academy Program that
provides health care education and hands on training,
if students continue this program they would be
eligible to be certified in areas related to health care.
Furthermore, Lake Nona High School like many other
high schools in America offer its students with
organizations such as National Honor Society and
Student Government Association. Beyond academics,
students are able to be part of an athletic team to
further enrich their high school experience.

Winter Park High School was established in 1927 but

in 2004 began renovation of its the main campus,
which is now completed. Winter Park High School is
a Magnet School for the International Baccalaureate
(IB) program. The IB Program differs from other honor
programs given that they require students to take
advanced courses in six different subject matters,
which include, English, History, Science, Math,
World Language, and an IB Elective. Once students
complete this program they will graduate with a high
school diploma and a separate IB diploma that is
internationally recognized. Furthermore, Winter Park
High School has a well-known organization called,
The Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. It
is the largest campus organization at the high school
with more than 300 students participating. This
organization were ranked 7th in the nation given that
they have consistently been state finalist.

Schools website:


Schools website:

Open Hearts Learning Abroad

Additional Programs Offered by OHLA

For students with a low level of English looking for a
multifaceted American experience, OHLA offers an
International English Program right here in beautiful
At OHLA we provide our students with the necessary
tools to achieve the desired language proficiency in
order to meet their linguistic academic requirements
within the best possible educational environment.
High School participants can benefit from this program
by arriving 30 days prior to the start date of their high
school program; this avenue allows our students to
practice their language skills before beginning this new
stage of their life in an American High School.
Participants can also join this program after high
school graduation and while in the process of entering
an American and or Canadian University.

At OHLA our dedicated team of experts prepare

students linguistically and guide students from their
entry into the program to their ultimate goal; successful
acceptance to University or College.

OHLAs High School Program allows students to gain
real-life experience in the American education system,
preparing them to enter a College or University.
OHLA is proud to offer a comprehensive University
Pathway Program which allows students to gain
acceptance to several Colleges and Universities
throughout the United States and Canada.
OHLAs University Placement Advisors are experienced
at placing students in the best universities and colleges
in the United States and Canada and upon receiving a
high school diploma, students are eligible to apply to
any College.


Arkansas State University
Barry University
California State University, Fresno
Capital University
Centennial College in Canada
Central Connecticut State University
Colorado State University
Cuyahoga Community College
Florida International University
IMG Pendleton School
Keiser University
Kent State University
Lewis & Clark College
Living Arts College

Manhattan Institute of Management

Marshall University
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
and Health Sciences
Miami Dade College
Miami International University Ai
Nova University
Oregon State University
Palm Beach State College
Saint Norbert College
San Ignacio College
Santa Clarita Community College
of the Canyons
Seminole State College of Florida

Strayer University
Texas Wesleyan University
The Community College of Baltimore
Unilatina School of Business
University of California, San Diego
University of Central Florida
University of Miami
University of Pennsylvania
University of South Florida
University of Washington, Seattle
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


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