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Final Application Paper

200 points
Due APRIL 21, 2015 (Must upload to Courses. No late work accepted.)

This assignment facilitates your examination of the field of communication studies from
several vantage points, and strengthens your knowledge of communication theory through
application and analysis. Individual student interests should serve as the basis this course
assignment. Students are encouraged to develop a project of practical as well as
conceptual/theoretical significance and, especially importance to you.

Topic: Choose one artifact to analyze. An artifact can be anything from a blog, film, or
television show to a particular organization, campaign, relationship, or cultural experience.
Topics will need to be narrowed to be manageable for the assignment, but at the outset
make your topic is something that interests you.

Final Application Paper: Your five lens outlines will provide the basis for you to write a
final paper about your topic (8-10 pages *you should aim for 10pgs.). The paper should
have a strong introduction with a clearly stated thesis that introduces your topic. The
communication theories must be clearly and correctly defined and applied within your
paper. The paper should primarily provide analysis and engagement of theory with your
chosen topic. Paper should have at least six scholarly sources (the textbook does not
count as a scholarly source, but you may certainly use it in addition to the six). Scholarly
sources must be cited and referenced using APA formatting . A rubric and explanation
guide will be given prior to the due date of the assignment. In addition, sample papers are
available to view on the website. The final paper is worth 200 points.

The paper should narrow from your Theory Outlinesyou should select a minimum of
TWO communication theories (maximum of FOUR) to apply and engage with your
artifact. These theories should come from at least 2 different communication lenses
(unless otherwise approved by me). Paper should be formatted with 1 margins, 12
point Times New Roman font, and follow APA formatting for research papers.

Make a clear, coherent argument to support a strong thesis about your
artifact and communication theory; indicate what issues you will explore
using your theoretical perspective.
For each theory you choose to analyze, offer a definition of the theory. The
definition of the theory should tell the purpose of the theory and include
definitions of key vocabulary terms. You should reference the Griffin text and
outside sources as appropriate to explain and define
You should provide examples of each theory from the film or program. You should
describe your example and then explain, with analysis, how the example identified
demonstrates the theory and the key theoretical concepts. Do not assume I will
make the connections for youinstead make the connections for me and use
plenty of analysis in identifying and explaining how the theory is exemplified in

the example. Make sure to label the components of the situation with key
theoretical terms and then draw a conclusion from your analysis. Also, support
your analysis with scholarly research about the theory.
Most importantly, the theories you use should contribute to an overarching
argument about communication in your text. That is, you should show that a
particular phenomenon is occurring, using the theoretical explanations as
You can arrange your paper a variety of ways, for example, by going through the
film/show from beginning to end or by theory lens - so long as it is clear, logical
and easy to follow. Feel free to use subtitle headings to identify the theory or lens.


Office Hours are also a good time to discuss your paper. I am happy to help advise you
through the process. For other assistance, make an appointment with the Pepperdine
Writing Center. Consult the Writing Center early in advance of the deadline for additional
guidance & assistance with your writing., see Library InfoGuide &
materials posted under Resources on Sakai.