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Dr. Bansal's Training Introduction to Six Ki

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Learn Su-jok Series-III

An introduction to functional Energies of our body-

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In this series I will introduce you to the fundamental energies of body.

These fundamental energies w give life to our body and all internal organs and external
body parts. They

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I will explain them one by one giving the detail about what colour,emotion,taste,and
reason they represent and which organ of the body controls them.

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Lets have introduction with wind energy

Learn su-jok therapy series-III

Today I will introduce you to Wind Energy1. This energy is responsible for movements. Movement of blood,movement of joints
.body parts ,organs
is due to presence of wind energy in them.
2.This energy is responsible for growth at early stages. Growth of new born child,
starting stage of any
disease etc
3.Its emotion is -Anger.
4. it represents muscular system in our body.
5.-Lack of concentration is also a characteristics of wind energy .
6.It's residence is in Liver and Gall bladder.
7. Its representative color is-Green. It means this color absorbs or increases the power
of wind energy.
In short- any problem related to growth,sudden change, muscles,movement of joints,
body parts,
anger,concentration is related to Wind Energy.

Learn su-jok Therapy series -III

Heat Energy
1.This energy dominates circulation system in our body. cerculation system includes
heart,veins and arteries and blood.
2.It is responsible for second stage of growth in human life cycle(.Growth of child from
childhood stage to a teenager stage)
3.It's Emotion is Joy.
4.It represents- Desire-at mental level.
5.It represents- Bitter- taste.
6.Its representative color is- Red.
7. This energy lives in -Heart and Small Intestine. and gives warmth to our body.
This energy makes every thing energetic,produces feeling of joy,a strong desire to carry
out activities
A person having excessive heat energy -does what he want.His wisdom decreases,his
sense of
judgement is lost and he becomes more ambitious.
Heat is of aggressive nature,likes expansion.Forming of gas in stomach is also due to
this energy.

Learn Su-Jok Therapy Series-III

1.This energy controls Nervous System and Endocrine System in our body.
2.It represents - Full growth stage as a life cycle
3.It's Emotion -Happiness.
4.It represents- Ambition -at mental level.
5.It represents- Bitter- taste.
6.It's representative color is- Orange.
7. This energy lives in -Brain and Spinal chord.
Symptoms of excessive hotness energy- sweating,thirst,loss of power. uneasiness, loss
of will power and
gas trouble in stomach.

Introduction to energies- HUMIDITY ENERGY

It is a very interesting fact that this energy is responsible for gaining weight and
develops the singing
ability in a person. Weight related disorders can be cured by balancing this energy in the
1.It represents Flesh,fat and lymph as a body component
2..It represents - Prosperity as a life cycle
3.It's Emotion - Agony
4.It represents- Consciousness -at mental level activity
5.It represents- Sweet- taste.
6.It's representative color is- Yellow
7. It houses in- Stomach,spleen /pancreas Symptoms of excessive humidity in person It increases fat
layer which results in over weight,feeling of heaviness and tiredness, no desire to move
and feeling of
dull pain.Itching etc

Introduction to energies- DRYNESS ENERGY

1.It represents Skin and Hair on body- as a body component
2..It represents - Atrophy as a life cycle
3.It's Emotion - Sadness
4.It represents- Will -as a mental level activity
5.It represents- Pungent- taste
6.It's representative color is- Brown.
7. It houses in- Lungs and Large Intestine. Symptoms of excessive Dryness in
person - rough skin , wrinkles ,gray hair ,sclerosis , loss of weight , Menopause in
women, and sharp pain

Introduction to energies- COLDNESS ENERGY

1.It represents -Bones of body- as a body component
2..It represents - Old age or death- as a life cycle
3.It's Emotion - Fear
4.It represents- Wisdom -as a mental level activity
5.It represents- salty- taste.
6.It's representative color is- Black
7. It houses in- Kidneys and Urinary Bladder.
Symptoms of excessive coldness- all diseases like cancer,chronic ulcer,sclerosis and
everything hard and
cold in the body, are all belongs to coldness.Final stages of all diseases are coldness.

In Six Ki treatment method-Circulatory and Nervous system are used for giving
These systems can be described as follows2. NERVOUS SYSTEM - Spinal cord and Brain meridians together makes Nervous system.
on each meridian branch six energies points represents following systemsWIND POINT-Represents Sense Organs.
HEAT POINT-Represents Nerves System.
HOTNESS POINT-Represent Emotions.
HUMIDITY POINT-Represents Endocrine System.
DRYNESS POINT-Represents Immune System.
COLDNESS POINT-Represents Reproductive System.
By using one of these system all type of health disorders can be cured successfully.
A systematic study under the guidance of an expert six ki therapist is required to
become a successful six
ki therapist.
This information is given here only to give some basic idea about six ki treatment


In Six Ki treatment - body parts are also represent these six energies.
For ExampleLeft leg-represent-wind energy
Left Hand represent- Heat Energy
Head- represent -Hotness energy
Trunk- represents- Humidity energy
Right Hand- represent Dryness Energy
Right Leg- represent Coldness Energy.
There are many classications of body on the six ki bases.Above said is one of them.

I just gave an Idea about this wonderful treatment system of su-jok Therapy. It is not
possible to discuss
this method through these articles as there is no short cut method to learn this
wonderful treatment
method. An interested person has to learn it under the guidance of an six ki expert.


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