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Jack and the beanstalk

1. Whats the order?

Listen to the story and put the sentences in order. Then match the sentences to
the pictures.

Jack sold the cow to a man for some magic beans.

The next morning, there was a giant beanstalk.

Jack and his mother were very poor. They had no money, only a cow.
There was a beautiful castle. Jack went inside.
Jacks mother cut down the beanstalk and the giant crashed to the ground.
Jacks mother was very angry. She threw the beans in the garden.
Jack took the hen and the harp and ran away home, down the beanstalk.
Jack and his mother lived happily ever after.
Jack climbed up the beanstalk up to the sky through the clouds.
Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum! There was a giant! He had a magic hen and a magic harp.

2. Make it right!
Find the mistake, underline it and write the correct word.



Jack and his mother were rich.



They had a horse. Jack sold it for some magic beans.



A tree grew from the beans.



At the top, there was a beautiful school.



A giant lived there with a magic hen and a magic piano.



Jacks mother took the magic hen and harp, and ran home.



They lived sadly ever after!


3. Write and draw!

What would you like to find in the giants castle? Why? Remember, you have to
be able to run away and climb down the beanstalk with it! Draw a picture of you
escaping from the giant, and write what you took and why.