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Basic Electronics(EE/ETCE 203)

Full Marks -100, Credit :3

Elementary physics of semiconductor materials and p-n junction. Basic characteristics of
semiconductor devices like p-n diode, schottky diode, zener diode, bipolar transistor, JFET, MOSFET.
Modeling of semiconductor devices, Hybrid parameters. Bipolar transistor biasing characteristics of
common emitter, common base and common collector configurations. Biasing of JFET and MOSFET.
Transistor power amplifiers: class A, B, AB and complimentary symmetry amplifiers. Monostable,
bistable and astable multivibrators using bipolar transistors. Special connections like Darlington
connection, Bootsttrap circuit, Schmitt trigger, constant current sources and constant current sinks.
Transistorized Shunt and Series voltage regulators. Elementary physics of opto electronic devices like
LED, LCD devices, photo-diodes, photo transistors, Light Dependant Resistors, etc., and their
application to 7-segment displays, alphanumeric displays, opto-isolators, opto-interrupters, etc.
Suggested Text Books
i. A Mottershead, "Electronic Devices and Circuits", Prentice-Hall of India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi


Basic Electronics Lab ( EE/ETC-203)

Full Marks 50, Credit :2
Selected Experiments based on Basic Electronics (EE/ETC-201)
1. Study of characteristics of transistor in different modes Le., Common Emitter, common base and
common collector configuration. .
2. Experiments on Class-A, Class- B and AB of transistor power amplifiers. .


Experiment on uncontrolled Diode-Bridge rectifier.

4. Determination of hybrid parameters of a transistor."
5. Characteristics of JFET, MOSFET.
6. Study of characteristics of Mono - stable, Bi-stable and a- stable multi vibrators using bipolar
transistors. .

7. Experiment on Schmitt Trigger circuit.

8. Study of LED, Photo - Diodes, Photo - Transistors, Light Dependent Resistors and Opto - Isolators.