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Merlin and the war of the dragons.

This is a story about a young

wizard called merlin. He was called
the son of a demon. The mage a
local wizard took care of merlin
until he grew up.
A student called Vendiger was the
son of the demon too but he wasnt
told, after he found out he was
jealous that the mage liked merlin
more than him.
Vendiger set up an army of
dragons so that the enemies of
Britain could be king and rule the
Soon after Vortigern's coronation, a large army of giant,
fire-breathing dragons lands in Britain and begins to
terrorize the land, setting fire to buildings and feasting
on any who are unable to escape. Due to their size and
number, the dragons threaten the very existence of
Britain itself, and Vortigern was told to surrender by
Vendiger but a young man called Uther did not agree
and he killed the king. Merlin to lead an army against
the dragons, ordering his best generals Hengist and
Uther to aid Merlin in any way possible.
With the help of his wizard powers and Uther, Merlin
begins to think of ways to defeat the dragons, who are
growing stronger every day whilst Britain grows weaker.
Using magic and knowledge, Merlin devises a plan that
will ultimately decide the fate of British history.
The dragons were defeated and Vendiger was killed.
Britain was now ruled by king Uther.

What does it teaches us about the Arthurian


This teaches that Arthur wasnt king before but with the
help of Merlin he got his place in the castle and became
the king of Britain.
This ties up to the tale of king Arthur because it shows
how brave the king was and how he loved his country.
This also shows that there was a real king called Arthur
and he was guided by the wizard called Merlin.

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