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Out Comes


What Makes Me Special?

Have the students create a class
book about what makes them
special by writing and drawing a
picture of what makes themselves
special. By reading The Wonderful
Pigs of Jillian Jiggs the students
will see what makes Jillian special.

Known to the New

Students are comfortable writing
one sentence with one word. This
lesson will push them a little bit
further to writing 2-3 words by

Body of the Lesson

Introduction: Talk to the students
about how everyone is different
and special in their own way.
1) Read The Wonderful Pigs
of Jillian Jiggs. Ask
questions through out the
story so that one knows
the students are following
2) Have a discussion about
what made Jillian special
or different from her
3) Brainstorm what makes
them as people special.
4) Have the students go back
to their seats and write
and draw a picture of what
makes them special.

Have students sit in a circle and
share with a partner. After this
have a few share with the whole
class. Wrap up by telling them
that everyone is special in their
own way and that its important to
recognize everyones talents. Also
mention how their work will be
put into a book so the class can
read it anytime.

Makes Me Special?
Walk around and see what/how
they are getting along. Take in the

Grade 1

Language Arts (Writing)

9.1 create written and media texts

Grade Primary/ 1
using some familiar forms (e.g., lists,
messages, finger plays, drawings,
9.2 demonstrate a beginning
awareness of audience and purpose
9.3 begin to consider readers/
questions/comments about their work
1.1 express feelings and give simple
descriptions of past experiences
1.3 express opinions (I like ... ; I dont
like ...)
1.4 listen to the ideas and opinions of
2.1 participate in conversation and in
small- and whole-group discussion
1.1 express thoughts and feelings and
describe experiences
1.3 express opinions and give simple
explanations for some of their
opinions (I like ... because)
1.4 listen to others ideas and opinions
2.1 sustain one-to-one conversations
and contribute to small- and largegroup interactions
9.1 use a variety of familiar text forms
and other media (messages, letters,
lists, recounts, stories,
poems, records of observations, roleplays, Readers Theatre)