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SINGER 307G For correct maintenance it is recommended that good lubricating oil be used at all times. Effortless | INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING running, trouble-free operation and long life ore thus ws SINGER For ANGE eon MODEL 307 G Type A or Type C, which is sold at all Singer Industrial combination zig-zag sewing machine for tailoring. Division addresses. THE SINGER COMPANY re | | Key to parts illustrated in Fig. 1 76 5 4—3 jet, 2 1. Machine putiey 1 Stiding throat plate 1, Thread quide, upper 12, Theead guide, lower Position lever 15, Face plate serew, lower heed tensa 15, Presser bar 16. Presser foot thumb screw ” 1H. Neadle clamp 7. Hinged presser foot 2 mr 22 23 24