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stenosis is the obstruction of

blood flow across the aortic valve


of aortic stenosis usually

develop gradually after an
asymptomatic latent period of 10-20


pain, Heart failure, Syncope

chest radiograph

In early disease : the chest radiograph

can be entirely normal or it may show
dilatation of the ascending aorta with
a normal heart size.

Late in the disease : the chest

radiograph is characterized by cardiac
enlargement and features of heart
failure(pulmonary venous congestion,
pulmonary interstitial/alveolar

enlargement of the ascending aorta (white arrow). The left

ventricle is enlarged (red arrow) and the heart is mildly
enlarged overall.
lateral view on the right demonstrates calcifications in the
region of the aortic valve leaflets (circle). generally, the
aortic valve lies above a line drawn from the carina to the
junction of the diaphragm with the anterior chest wall.