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Using Captor Library in Multi-User Mode

1. Copy PTW.lib (or other *.lib file) and caplib.dt (found in the ptw32\bin folder) files to a shared
network drive.
2. Chose a computer to broadcast (host) the library file. Take note of the name of this host
3. Install PTW32 program on the host computer with advanced feature selected.
During the installation, make sure that the Advanced Features check box is checked so that
all of the necessary files to broadcast the library is installed. (see picture below)
Make sure this is checked.

4. Run Ptserv32.exe program on the host machine (use the Windows Explorer and go to
C:\PTW32\BIN\ Ptserv32.exe and double-click on it.) This program will broadcast the PTW library
throughout the network. This program must be running anytime the PTW Library is to be used in
Multi-User mode. Once Ptserv32.exe is running it will appear at the bottom right corner of the
Ptserv32.exe icon

(Repeat the following steps on each workstation)

5. Start PTW32. Click on the Project drop-down menu and select Options. In the options group
box, select Multi-User. In the Option subview box, select Library. In the Library Networking
Capability box, choose Multi-User option. In the Host Machine box, type the host computers
name and click on the OK button. (see picture below)
Type in Host Computer Name here.


You can now open the PTW.lib file( or other *.lib file) on the shared network drive in multiuser mode.

Important Note:
1) If someone is already editing a device in the multi-user library, and then someone else tries to
edit that same device, a window similar to the one below will appear, stating that device will be
viewed as read only. You can only view the information in this device. Any changes that was
attempted will not be saved.

2) If a user made changes on manufacturers name, type, and description field, the changes
are not reflected right away through out the network. The other users would need to close
out and of the library and go back in to see the name changes.
3) Please note that if your host machine is Windows XP(service pack 2), you must turn off
Windows Firewall. If Windows Firewall is turned on, this might prevent the Ptserv32.exe
program from broadcasting PTW32 throughout the network.