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Weeks #5 and #6

From: Jui-Lan Chang

Week Ending Date: June 28, 2014
Todays Date: June 26, 2014
Hourly Wage if paid: Non-paid
# of Hours Worked: 60hours
Questions should be in bold font, and answers in regular font. Send as a Word
document via Blackboard.
Location(s) assigned this week: Public Relation (sales and marketing) Department, Holiday
Inn East Taipei
Name & title of supervisor: John Liu, assistant manager.
Assignments and responsibilities: Writing and planning the event order report.
New experiences, skills developed, accomplishments: Ive learned how to write an event
order report. I also had a group meeting with my co-workers and supervisors, we discussed about
how are we going to prepare, manage and organize the press conference on June 22. We decided
how the tables and chairs would be set and how the schedule is going to be like. I participated
during the whole event. I also helped taking pictures, printing the documents and translating
English into Mandarin Chinese during the press conference. The press conference was about two
Thai chiefs, cooking some famous and traditional Thai food; there were five dishes in total. The
event was a success, and the food was delicious. I also have to write a report to my supervisor
every week about what Ive learned.
Observations and analysis of people, tasks, and situations:

I needed to be prepared for any kinds of unexpected situations. Such as plans might be changed anytime or the
number of the reporters can be changed anytime. My co-workers and supervisors were mostly friendly and
helpful. They are also very experienced. They taught me a lot of new things that Ive never experienced before.
Once again, Ill do my best and keep improving myself. There were three dancers from Thailand performed
some traditional Thai dances and the food was delicious, the two Thai chief performed how to make the most
famous Thai food during the press conference, there were five dishes in total. It was a very precious and special
experience, because Ive never been to a press conference before this one, so I think it was very interesting.
Satisfactions or concerns regarding your experiences this week:

I enjoyed my work and I learned a lot of things from it. I dont really have concerns this week. I personally
believe that Ive gained more experience and skills from the job Im doing. I also really think that Ive
improved a lot compared to the last two weeks.
Experiences Off the job that contributed to your professional and/or personal

This kind of experience made me becoming more mature in some ways, now I learned how to write an event
order report, how the meetings are like, how to greet other people from different countries and cultures, how the
press conferences are like, how to plan, schedule and organize this kind of event.
Questions on this page are related to Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, p. 183224.
Independent is not just living alone; it greatly impacts your job performance also.
Covey said. Self-mastery and self-discipline are the foundation of good relationships
with others. What can you do to improve the personal characteristics that enable
you to function as a more independent person?
I think that attitude is very important. If a person has a positive attitude of wanting to become
independent and not rely on anyone else, it would be a good start of becoming more
independent. Such as being proactive instead of being reactive, an independent person should

know exactly what he or she is doing, not waiting for others to tell him or her what to do next.
Therefore, being proactive is very important in the workplaces. In order to become more
independent takes practices. For example, a person doesnt know how to do something, then
someone teaches him or her how to do it, after practicing and practicing, that person finally
knows how to do by himself or herself. He or she doesnt need anyone else to help him or her do
that stuff anymore, he or she becomes independent.
Determine a problem situation that you have encountered at work, perhaps with a coworker or customer. Apply Coveys habit of seeking to understand before expecting
to be understood.
One of my co-workers expected me to do a lot of extra works, sometimes he would ask me to
help him do some of his works as well, which made me feel upset. I tried to have a peaceful
conversation with him, and let him know what I truly felt. I told me that I wanted to know about
his situation and his perspective; I also wanted him to understand my situation and perspective
as well. I realized his situation after our talk. Im glad that we had that conversation, now our
relationship has improved and the situation has improved as well.
What did you learn? I learned that communicate is very important in the workplace,
and try to understand others before expecting to be understood.
Did this impact the situation? Yes, the situation was strongly improved.
Did you modify your perspective or approach? Yes, I did. I tried to understand his
perspective and his situation.
Was the situation improved or made more difficult? The situation was improved.
What additional things may need to be addressed? Communication is extremely
important, dont hide our true feelings inside and let prejudice grow, try to have a peaceful
conversation with the person we have problems with. Communication solves the
misunderstanding situations. Once again, seeking to understand before expecting to be
What can you do to develop an emotional bank account with co-workers?
Being kind, friendly, honest (but not hurting peoples feelings), respectful, thoughtful, helpful and
keeping the commitments to the co-workers would gain more trusts and improve the
relationships between me and my co-workers. Therefore, try to add reserve into the emotional
account, not withdrawal it.
On page 222 Covey discusses transactional leadership and transformational
leadership. Identify someone that you think is a transformational leader.
What leadership characteristics did they exhibit?
Transformational leadership is a type of leadership style that can inspire positive changes in
those who follow.
One of my leaders is usually pretty energetic, enthusiastic and passionate. She is also focused on
helping others succeed as well. Therefore, I really believe she is a transformational leader. The
components of Transformational leadership are intellectual stimulation, individualized
consideration, inspirational motivation and idealized influence.
How did their actions affect the situation or interaction?
Their actions usually affect their co-workers or employees the most. They also inspire greater
performance in group members and theyre usually focused on helping their employees or coworkers succeed.