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February 15

fifiyon said:
fifiyon said:

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marynahj said:
Hi @ysbaby2228
I have been dying to see that video for a long time, could you sent me the video;please?
So do I
Hahahaha nado chingu! I've been searching everywhere for that!

Chinggu....!!!! Are you mean kbs rehersal about snsd and yonghwa video, is it right. Just
searching at you tube chinggu. Now already available.....
Ooppp....sorry chinggu, i think wrong. You mean about yonghwa lost concentration watching
seohyun spoken. Ohh yaa....i think the video already deleted. I ever watching this video. It s
moment so funny watching yonghwa so focus to monitor while his brother dancing. Just
Juniel can cought him....and he was shy....hehehe..,
It's deleted??!! Waaaaeeee!

aigoo I really wanted to see it but okay then. I'll accept it