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Guidance Note

Appraisal Process


Updated March 2003

April: Executive determines the Universitys aims for coming year and inserts these into the
appraisal documentation which is emailed to Deans and Directors
Dean/Director determines School/Service objectives, priorities and resources and inserts the
priorities into the appraisal documentation

AppraisER ensures documentation gets to AppraisEE

AppraisER responds to Parts 1 and 2 and

returns a copy to AppraisEE

AppraisEE completes Parts 1 and 2 and

gives to AppraisER



APPRAISAL DISCUSSION (between April - August as appropriate)

AppraisER completes Parts 3a and 3b
and gives to AppraisEE

AppraisER signs front page and gives a

copy of Parts 3a and 3b to Dean/Director*

AppraisEE reads Parts 3a and 3b and if

agrees, signs front page. AppraisEE keeps
copy and returns original to AppraisER

Informal progress review(s) conducted of actions planned

(formal review conducted at next years appraisal)
September: School/Service management meeting held to
review appraisal process and training/development needs
School/Service Business Plan informed
University planning informed

or Designated Person