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Now I Can Booklet

Erick Gmez B9, 17:30, San Isidro

Conversation 1

John, can you help me with something?

Of Course! What's up?

Well, I'm working with Microsoft Word and I want to create a Table
of Contents, but I don't find the option
It is a new version of Microsoft Word. This is Microsoft Word 2010. This
version is as easy to use as the previous version Microsoft Word 2007
Ok, so this must be in the References menu... Yes, you're right,
here is the option

This version is as intuitive as the previous version

Although, I think that this new icon is little different. This icon is
almost as large and clear as the icon of Microsoft Word 2007

Conversation 2

Hi, Jose

Hi Giselle. How are you?


I'm fine. Am I interrupting you?

Not at all. I'm sending the last email. What's up?

I want to buy a new Smartphone. I like the Iphone 5, but my
brother told me that I should buy the Galaxy Nexus because it is better
Well, the Galaxy Nexus is just as good as the Iphone 5. And it is as light
and slim as the Iphone 5, too

Also, the Galaxy Nexus doesn't cost quite as much as the Iphone 5

Jose: Yes, you're right and the Galaxy Nexus doesn't have nearly as many
problems as the Iphone 5 with the GPS system, because it use Google maps

Conversation 3

Hi Erick! How are you?

I'm fine. How about you?

Romina:I'm fine, too. Can you help me?


Of course. What's up?

Romina:I have problems with my laptop. It is slowing down, and sometimes the
keyboard freezes

What do you use your laptop to do?

Romina:Well, my laptop always is connect to Internet. I use it to download music,

play online games, send instant messages and surf the Internet

Do you have anti-virus software?

Romina:No, I don't think so. I want to buy MacAfee Antivirus

Erick: I suggest you buy Symantec Antivirus. It is as good as MacAfee Antivirus,
but Symantec Antivirus isn't as heavy as MacAfee Antivirus. Symantec Antivirus
is updated faster and it has new features: firewall and antispyware
Romina:Thanks for your suggestion