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Achievement Chart Activities: Grade 4Life in the Middle Ages (Occupations)

(Social Studies & Language Arts Expectations)

Chart Category
Knowledge and

Types of Activities


Webquest (introduce life in the Middle Ages)

Jigsaw (medieval occupations)
Students are assigned to an occupation group and then assigned a specific job. Each group will
independently research their occupational group and their specific role. Students will then come back
together with their group and compare notes about their occupational group (i.e. serf) and educate their
group members about their specific job title (i.e. farmer).
Students will review websites and texts and are expected to make notes and annotations. Also, notes from
lesson materials and research must be referenced for daily blog entries.
Vocabulary list
Students are expected to find definitions for the vocabulary list provided by the teacher
Students will consider questions such as: what occupations might have existed in the Middle Ages? How
might different occupations have influenced their lifestyle? How did people get the jobs they had and how
does it differ from today?
The teacher will introduce/model the visualization comprehension strategy and then students are expected
to draw what they visualize. i.e. baker baking bread based on description in book, and i.e.visualize self as
person from middle ages in assigned role when writing daily blog entries.
Students will complete daily reflections in response to prompts that encourage students to reflect on their
research and learning strategiesi.e. what worked best? What worked not so great? 3-2-1 exit ticket.
Graphic Organizers
Students will complete a graphic organizer that compares occupations from the Middle Ages to similar
occupations in the 21st century



Groups interchange members and educate each other about the occupational groups and roles they
researched and discussed in the previous jigsaw.
Ongoing class discussion about lesson materials or during activities)
Prompts assigned at beginning of lessons to activate engagament and prior learning, or at end of lesson for
Independent reading
Students practice independent research and reading skills for the jigsaw activity and blog entries.
Blog entries are assigned a mark and given feedback, students is responsible for reading feedback and
making revisions, as blog entries are one of the options to include in the final portfolio project.
Media Production
Daily blog entries from perspective of person in Middle Ages who would have had the occupation the
student was assigned (i.e. from perspective of a mason or a nun).