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English for Academic Purpose: Intensive Academic English: Reading 204

Description/Duration: This lesson plan will span 80 minutes in a high intermediate classroom
and will function as a scaffolded lesson with the purpose of reviewing skills for a midterm the
following day.
Pre-lesson inventory:
Lesson goal: Students will be able to find main ideas in a chapter of assigned reading and
formulate a summary of the chapter using the main ideas.
Language objective: Students will be able to identify main ideas and synthesize them into a
summary using appropriate transitional language between main ideas.
Content objective: Students will be able to synthesize main ideas chronologically into a
Materials to bring to class:
1) The Giver
2) Markers
3) Main idea answer key which includes main ideas on a timeline and a summary paragraph
of main ideas.
Warm-up Activity: Summarizing how to summarize
Purpose: to review the five wh-s that go into forming a summary.
1) As a class, I will ask students what types of information should be included in a
2) I will ask students how to identify main ideas based on the previous scaffolded lessons on
identifying main ideas.
3) We will review the steps in forming a summary and the concept of chronological, as well
as, the importance of reading directions.
4) I will make sure students are aware of the great progress and improvements they have
made in their ability to summarize. I will remind them that this skill is necessitated on
their midterm as well as their final exam.
Transition: I will check each students comprehension and vocabulary worksheet that they should
have completed for chapter 13, as well as, their summary timeline for chapter 12.
Activity 1: Main ideas timeline
Purpose: students will be able to include their main ideas of chapter 13 on a timeline and peer
edit/discuss as a class a final product timeline.
1) Students will get into their working groups. Each group will discuss what they think the
main points are in chapter 13.
2) I will draw a timeline on the board and ask which group thinks they have main point #1.
I will have that group put the main idea on the timeline along with the page # in the book.

3) I will ask which group thinks they have main idea #2 and so on.
4) When the whole chapter is accounted for, we will review the timeline as a class to make
sure we agree on the main ideas and the order in which they occurred in the chapter.
Transition to closure: I will remind the student how much they have improved on identifying
main points and how they can use these main points in a summary by asking what is the first
sentence in a summary?, what do you include between main points in a summary?....
Activity 2: Practice midterm
Purpose: Students will review and prepare for their midterm the following day.
1) Students will take the practice midterm.
2) As a class, we will review the midterm so that students can make corrections and study
from the practice midterm.
3) Students will be asked if they have any questions.
4) Students will be praised on their hard work and I tell them how much confidence I have
in their ability to do well on the midterm tomorrow.
Students will be given candy and told good luck tomorrow-you will do great!
Chapter 13: Main Ideas
1) If everythings the same, there arent any choices! I want to wake up in the
morning and decide things!---- sameness means no choice; Protecting people from
making wrong choices p. 97-99
2) Jonas touches Asher to try to help him see colors. Touching outside family units is
rude. P. 99
3) There was a time when flesh had different colorsdifferent races. P.100
4) Jonas hears what grief sounds like. P.101
5) Jonas realizes that after his training, the memories will be his life and he cant share
them with anyone. P. 103