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3215 Laurel Trace Court

Bryan, Texas 77807

(210) 859-1184

Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Leadership and Development (emphasis in Human Resources)
Cumulative GPR: 3.5
Blinn College, Bryan, Texas
Cumulative GPR: 3.2

May 2013

August 2009 July 2011

Study Abroad: Texas A&M University, San Isidro, Costa Rica

December 2012 - January 2013
Studied with the department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communications of Texas A&M University
on the various agricultural lifestyles, studying innovations, and created a reusable-learning object to teach future
students on the study abroad.
Career Center, Texas A&M University
July 2012 Present
Co-Advisor for Aggie Career Team (ACT)
Develop and facilitate leadership curriculum for Aggie Career Team, a career-peer educator student
organization sponsored by the Career Center to enhance Texas A&M students career learning and
Oversee Executive Team meetings and General Member meetings for Aggie Career Team
Develop the President and Executive Vice President through one-on-one meetings and training
Train new Aggie Career Team members on Career Center services
Advise Texas A&M students regarding resume writing and career exploration
Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communication, Texas A&M University
Teaching Assistant for ALED 481- Senior Seminar
Teach lecture to class
Take attendance
Record grades in online classroom interface, eLearning
Grade attendance quizzes and allocate points to students

January 2013 May 2013

Alpha Facilities Solutions, San Antonio, Texas

CEO Assistant/Project Analyst
Facilitated office cohesion while CEO was away on business
Input data for Hours Project from timesheets

May 2010 January 2011

Class Councils, Texas A&M University
August 2009 Present
An organization devoted to unifying the student body through spirit, service, and tradition
Director of Maroon Out Inventory
March 2011 November 2011
Managed the sale and distribution of 2,500+ Maroon Out shirts each week
Facilitated shirt shipments every Monday and Friday prior to game
Facilitated physical counts on non-game weeks
Organized the inventory closet in order to eliminated confusion when committee members were instructed
to pull out boxes
Chairperson of Maroon Out Committee
March 2011 November 2011
Served as representative for the inventory committee at Maroon Out director and advisor meetings
Fish Council Director
April 2010 May 2011

Interviewed, selected, and coordinated 60 freshmen to carry out traditions at Texas A&M University
Managed weekly points for the 60 freshmen
Delegated tasks to fellow staff for conducting Fish Council meetings

Fish Camp, Texas A&M University

March 2010 November 2012
An extended orientation program that aids in the transition for first-year students
November 2011 November 2012
Interviewed, selected, and managed 24 camp counselors from an applicant pool of 1,700
Facilitated group trainings on leadership, communication, team building, and risk management
Maintained a budget of approximately $750 and contracted camp supplies and apparel
Served as a liaison between university administrators, camp directors, camp counselors, and approximately
120 new students
Completed four sets of performance evaluations of counselors and provided written and verbal feedback
Assessed risk in scheduled activities for a wide audience
Educated camp members on organization mission and values, as well as administered organization policies
February 2010 November 2011
Advised and mentored two different groups of 10 new students throughout two camps
Co-facilitated small group interactions and provided a support system for new students
Collaborated with two teams of 24-26 counselors to assist over 200 new students during their transition into
the college experience
Dr. Joe Leadership Fellows, Texas A&M University
December 2011 Present
An advanced leadership course and organization
May 2012 Present
Prepare course curriculum for the Spring semester class
Coordinate guest speakers to inform the new members of the vast world of leadership
Facilitate group meetings and new member gatherings
December 2011 May 2012
Interacted with professionals and experts in their fields
Gained knowledge on how to be an effective leader throughout my life
Learned how to effectively work with a team that had many strong personalities
Shehane, M. E., Garcia, S. M., & Anthony, W. (2013). Resume writing: Tips and techniques. To be presented at the
Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference (SBSLC), College Station, TX.
Garcia, S. M. (2012). Overview of Career Center services. Presented at the Class Councils training program,
College Station, TX.
Shehane, M. E., Garcia, S. M., Anthony, W., & Kilgore, C. (2012). ACTivate your career. Presented at the MSC
Grand Opening Celebration, College Station, TX.
Shehane, M. E., & Garcia, S. M. (2012). Reflecting Fish Camp on your resume. Presented at the Fish Camp
Chairperson training program, College Station, TX.
NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education
NODA National Orientation Directors Association

September 2012 Present

November 2012 Present


Girl Scouts of the United States of America, San Antonio, Texas
November 2008 April 2009
Girl Scout Gold Award
Organized and led a service project that benefited young mothers of the San Antonio area
Completed over 100 hours of service work