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PS#t Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering University of Houston CHEE 2331 - Chemical Processes - Spring 2012 Quiz #1, January 25, 2:30 to 3:00 PM Everything closed, no calculators, no crib sheets, just bring a pencil. Use only this paper to do your work. Do not use any other paper. Problem 1 (35%) The volume of a container varies vor) where tis time, in hours. a) What are the units of 3.53 107 and 2? (10%) b) What would you plot and in what kind of coordinates tox obtain a straight line? (15%) ©) Derive the relationship between V and s where V’is in m* and is in seconds. (10%) ith time according to the relationship: 53 10° exp(2s7) Note: 1m? = 10° em? = 35.314 f Problem 2 (65%) ‘Assuming that the atmosphere is locally isothermal, the ait density variation with pressure is given by where pis density, P is pressure, and the subscript 0 denotes conditions at the earth’s surface. Show that the pressure variation through the isothemal atmosphere is: where z is the height above the surface of the earth, and g is the acceleration of gravity (assumed constant)