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The cuisine of the United States refers to food preparation

which comes from AMERICA.
A traditional America breakfast are usually scrambled eggs or as
an omelet with bacon, ham or sausage and toasted bred with
butter, jam, peanut butter or honey.
scrambled eggs

omelet with bacon

toasted bread

Some people prepare American Pancakes or waffles with maple

syrup. Americans usually drink orange juice and coffee.

American Pancakes

Orange juice

The most traditional all

American lunch is a burger and
fries with a Coke to
drink. Other choices are
pizza, hot dogs,
sandwiches, salads and

The most common traditional

dinner is meat with potatoes and
other vegetables. The meat is
usually beef or park, chicken and
roasted chicken.
The potatoes are usually mashed
though they are also baked or


Meat with potatoes

Desserts include Pie especially apple, cookies ( chocolate ship ),

ice cream or frosted cake.

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