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7th Grade Math Resources by SPI

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Use proportional reasoning to solve mixture/concentration

State of TN Podcast: Proportional Reasoning (Download)
Podcast Study Guide: Proportional Reasoning
Mixture and Concentration Problems Tutorial
Proportional Reasoning Practice and Activities
Proportional Reasoning Study Toolkit
Generalize a variety of patterns to a symbolic rule from tables,
graphs, or words.
Resources for Using Math Patterns
Graphing Project
Misleading Graphs and Statistics
Recognize whether information given in a table, graph, or
formula suggests a directly proportional, linear, inversely
proportional, or other nonlinear relationship.
Collection of Graph Resources
Use scale to read maps.
14 Activities Using Map Scale
Scale and Distance PPT
TNDOE Podcast: Using Scale to Read a Map (Download)
Scale Podcast Note Sheet
Collection of Map Scale Activities
Simplify numerical expressions involving rational numbers.
State of TN Podcast: Simplifying Expressions (Download)
Podcast Study Guide: Simplifying Expressions
Properties of Rational Numbers Flash Cards
Brain Pop: Rational Numbers
Rational Numbers PPT
Use rational numbers and roots of perfect squares/cubes to
solve contextual problems.
Brain Pop: Square Roots
Square Roots Lesson Plan
Determine the approximate location of square/cube roots on a
number line.
Video: Graphing Square Roots on a Number Line
Estimating Square Roots on a Number Line PPT
Solve contextual problems that involve operations with integers.
Contextual Integer Resources

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Express the ratio between two quantities as a percent and a

percent as a ratio for a fraction.
Ratios Resources
Online Ratio Lesson
Percents are Ratios Lesson
TNDOE Podcast: Converting Ratios and Percents (Download)
Converting Ratios Podcast Note Sheet
Teaching Ratio and Proportions
Collection of Ratios and Proportions Links
Use ratios and proportions to solve problems.
Collection of Ratio and Percent Resources
Interactive Ratio Lesson and Practice
Ratios and Proportions PPT
TNDOE Podcast: Using Ratio and Proportion to Solve Problems
Using Ratio Podcast Note Sheet
Ratio and Proportion Word Problem Strategies
Ratio Word Problems
Evaluate algebraic expressions involving rational values of
coefficients and/or variables.
Collection of Algebraic Expressions Resources
Determine whether a relationship (represented in various ways)
is a function.
Relations and Functions Online Resources
Given a table of inputs x and outputs f(x), identify the function
rule and continue the pattern.
Collection of Function Input Resources
Interpret the slope of a line as a unit rate given the graph of a
proportional relationship.
Slope Online Tutorial
Finding Slope Streaming Video
Collection of Slope Online Resources
Represent proportional relationships with equations, tables, and
Collection of Online Proportion Resources
Proportional Relationships Online Game
Solve linear equations with rational coefficients.
Collection of Linear Equations with Rational Coefficients
Translate between verbal and symbolic representations of realworld phenomena involving linear equations.
Translating Algebra Online Lesson
Algebra Lab: Translating Verbal Algebra
Solve contextual problems involving two-step linear equations.
Algebra Lab: 2 Step Equations 2 Step Equations
Solve linear inequalities in one variable with rational coefficients
symbolically or graphically.

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Constant Rate of Change Resources

Solve contextual problems involving similar triangles.
Similar Triangle Online Tutorial and Practice
Collection of Similar Triangle Resources
Use SSS, SAS, AA to determine if two triangles are similar.
Collection of SSS, SAS, and AA Online Resources
Apply scale factor to solve problems involving area and volume.
Online Scale Factor Resources
Scale Factor Online Game
Scale Factor PPT
Interpret and employ various graphs and charts to represent
Graphs and Charts Resources
Select suitable graph types (such as bar graphs, histograms, line
graphs, circle graphs, stem-and-leaf plots) and use them to
create accurate representations of given data.
Suitable Graph Types Resources
Calculate and interpret the mean, median, upper-quartile, lowerquartile, and interquartile range of a set of data.
Mean, Median, and Quartile Range Resources
Use theoretical probability to make predictions.
Theoretical Probability Tutorial Video
Theoretical Probability Activities