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Free Response Questions (FRQs) Motivation Unit 8A

1. Donna is a college student. Her work and her household

responsibilities are completed and she finds that she has free time. She
decides to do the following: call her friend, visit her boyfriend, do an
extra credit assignment, and work on an extra project for her job.
Describe the influence of motives on her behaviors. (12 points)
2. You are at a party and there is a debate about what causes
homosexuality. Jose says it is a choice that people freely make. Amy
says that it is clearly biological. Describe the information that supports
and refutes each of their positions. Also, discuss the political
implications of each point of view. (8 points)
3. Identify the type of conflict associated with each example below. (9
A. Hank promised the counselor that his third switch between
chemistry and physics would be the last. He dreaded both
courses but had to take one to fulfill requirements.
B. When the networks put her favorite shows on at the same
time, Lucy bought a DVR so she could watch one program and
record the other for later viewing.
C. David, an avid fisherman, just met new neighbors who made
his day. The neighbors agreed to clean his fish and split the
catch. David loved landing the fish but couldnt do the
cleaning because it made him nauseous.
4. Explain four challenges faced by those attempting to lose weight.
What are four steps one can take to avoid obesity? Also, explain
anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. (11