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Artifact I: Professional Development Plan

Samantha Garcia
November 25, 2014
SDAD 5900

Objective #1: Learn more about social justice issues surrounding underrepresented student populations
living on campus, such as veterans and LGBTQ community.
2015-16 Strategy: Seek conference presentations, professional circles, and colleague dialogue that
specifically addresses gender neutral housing to help me externally process and hear the opinions of
professionals around me.
2017-18 Strategy: Actively research best practices on types of student population specific housing
are there any that seek to accommodate veterans?
2019-20 Strategy: Work for a progressive institution that supports me in creating gender neutral
housing at least through research, adaptation of practices, and possible (eventual) implementation
of such housing.
Objective #2: Develop an understanding of Title IX and the implications the policies have on students,
the institution, and myself as a professional.
2015-16 Strategy: During the remaining time at my graduate assistantship, work closely with our
Title IX Coordinator at Trinity Lutheran College to help me get a better understanding about how
issues with gender equality are dealt with on a pervasive faith based campus.
2017-18 Strategy: Have a breadth of understanding on Title IX through personal research and
seeking conference presentations.
2019-20 Strategy: Focus on sexual assault as it relates to Title IX and how I can be a representative
and advocate for students that have experienced sexual assault.
Objective #3: Become more involved in regional and national NASPA conferences and pre-conference
committees, as well as ACUHO-I conferences.
2015-16 Strategy: Serve as judge for NASPA Excellence Awards in Careers, Academic Advising and
Support, and related category with the permission of Michael Shehane.
2017-18 Strategy: Attend and present at NASPA nationals with Michael Shehane on pre-graduate
school opportunities for undergrads interested in doing a graduate program in student
2019-20 Strategy: Attend and present at NASPA/ACUHO-I regional/national with Bill Weis on
the importance of developing emotional intelligence in the lifetime and effective integration in
student training.
Objective #4: Develop an understanding of how I can effectively incorporate emotional intelligence
training with students, colleagues, and supervisor(s).
2015-16 Strategy: Through my independent study with Bill Weis, professor in the Albers MBA
program, research and develop supplemental readings for Leading with Emotional Intelligence
course on how the integration of yoga and mindfulness enhances the development of EQ skills.
2017-18 Strategy: In addition to teaching a small class at my new college or university on EQ, I will
integrate some basic EQ skill development in RA trainings.
2019-20 Strategy: If at the same institution in previous strategy, then grow my class and possibly get
a graduate assistant to help teach and program the course. Expand course for integration into
professional development for staff and faculty.