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: 16 September 2007


: 10 a.m


: Ipda`s library


: All students Ipda and lecturer

The celebration started about 9 a.m at Ipda`s library. All the IPDA`s
student already at there to waiting our head mister, Tuan Haji Shahidan bin Abd
Rahman arrived.
The objective of this celebration is to celebrate our independents day to
make sure all people still remember this special day. That also to make all people
proud of their own country.
This celebration started when Tuan Haji Shahidan and Tuan Haji Ismail
bin Ahmad come to IPDA`s library. The first activity is coir by KDPM KEMAS`s
group. There sing a few songs including jalur gemilang song, Kedah`s song, and
merdeka`s song. IPDA also invited childrens from tadika IPDA to sang that songs
together with us. And than, Tuan haji Shahidan give his speech about merdeka to
Furthemore, we brought a few squad fireman came to IPDA to did flying
fox`s activity. Students and lecturer IPDA also participants to flying from the top
one of the IPDA`s buiding by holding the Malaysia`s flag and 14 of countries flag.
Activity at IPDA`s library ended when Tuan Haji Shahidan took out all the pigeon
from their cage to let them free. It is the symbol that our country is free from wars
and enemy.

All students very excited when they saw many birds flying out from the
cage. The IPDA`s cameraman did their work, took all the lovely fenomena to
make IPDA`s album.
Than, all people stand up and properly sang the `Negaraku` songs
together. After that, by using students and lecturers own cars and motocycle they
did procession around Tanah Merah by holding all the flags, Malaysia flags and
14 countries flag.
This celebration also could make students, lecturer and all IPDA`s stuff
still remember about Malaysia`s history and make them more appreciate and
love with this country.
Celebration ended after procession at 1 p.m, and Kajian Sosial`s students
clean the library`s as normal. And the other people went back home after each
monitor took their class attendents.

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IPDA`s students