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Assignment Description:

Create a newspaper with your team for either the North or the
As a group, choose the city where your newspaper is based (make sure it is a
city in the North/South) and decided what your paper will be called.
(Examples: The Times, The Herald, The Examiner, The Globe, or The
The newspaper issue that you will create will be published September 23,
1862, one week after the Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg.
You may want to look at examples of 19th century journalism on line.
The following site is useful: The Valley of the Shadow: The War Years.
Go to Newspapers
Your newspaper should have 4-5 articles with accompanying images. You
may want to have one longer feature article on the actual battle (300-400
words) and then several shorter articles (150-250 words) that discuss other
relevant topics. This is only a suggestion. Read the rubric carefully to see
how you will be graded!
You need to assign specific responsibilities to each person in your group. Not
everyone will write, but you should work together with research, revision,

and editing. You are responsible for keeping track of everything you
did so that grades will be fair.

Please read through the attached rubric to see how you

will be graded!

Group: _________________________________________________ Cohort: ___________________ Total Score: __________/50 =

Exemplary (5)

Ideas: The
content of the
piece, with
details that
enrich and


Choice: The
use of rich,

Satisfactory (3)

Needs Improvement (1)

There are either 5 total articles,

each at least 150 words in
length, or 4 articles with one at
least 300 words in length.
Each article begins with an
interesting hook that captures
the readers attention.
Each article includes several
relevant facts that support the
articles main ideas
Facts and opinions are clearly
expressed with the target
audience in mind.

There 4 total articles, each at

least 150 words in length

There are less than 4 total

articles, or there are articles
less than 150 words in length

At least 2 articles begin with

an interesting hook that
captures the readers
Each article includes some
facts that support the
articles main ideas
Facts and opinions are mostly
expressed with the target
audience in mind

Articles have boring


Transition words are correctly

used to connect ideas in each
Words are specific, accurate, and
Essay contains words that engage
the reader and clearly explain
the supporting details

Transitions are used to

connect most ideas in
Words choice does not
engage readers as they are
not specific, accurate, or
Essay contains words that
may not clearly explain the
supporting details

Transitions are vague / unclear

Limited vocabulary impairs
Vague words limit the meaning
Words are used incorrectly

Articles includes few relevant

facts that may or may not
support the articles main
Facts and opinions are not
expressed with the target
audience in mind.

n: The visual
n of the work.


The newspaper has an authentic

look that has been based on
research of 19th century
The newspaper has a nicely
designed masthead and articles
are formatted with clear titles
and bylines.
Appropriate photographs or
illustrations accompany most of
the articles.

The newspaper looks like a

piece of journalism,
although not necessarily
from the 19th cen.
The newspaper has a
masthead and articles are
written in columns.
Many articles are
accompanied by
photographs or illustrations

The formatting does not

resemble a newspaper
Missing masthead or articles
not in columns.
Articles are lacking
photographs or illustrations.

Here are some of the roles that individuals or pairs need to take:

Editor-In-Chief (1 person)

This person will be the group leader:

o Must be responsible, organized, and fair
o Being a strong writer would be a plus
o Make sure everyone in your group has an assignment
o Help keep everyone is on track to meet deadlines
o Assist teammates who are struggling
o Complete the final edit of the final draft

Copy Editor (1-2 people)

This person will be responsible for making the newspaper look real
o Must understand how to use templates on Google Docs in order to
format a newspaper with multiple articles and images
o Being neat and detailed would be a plus
o Create the newspaper masthead (title & logo)
o Copy and paste everyones articles into columns with headlines and
o Insert provided images/art with articles
o Assist with the final editing/proofreading of each article

Layout and Visuals (2-3 people)

This team will assist the copy editor and will work with reporters to
find/create images to go with articles.
o Must be artistic
o Being able to cooperate and work with others would be a plus
o Help decide where each article should go (front page, second page,
o Find Civil War photographs that will go along with articles
o Draw images in the style of 19th century newspapers to go along with
Google image: Frank Leslies Illustrated Newspaper

Reporters (6-8 people working as individuals or in pairs)

These people will make up the writing team for the newspaper:
o Write articles on various topics thatd be of interest to your readers on
o Complete background research for your article
o Write a catchy lead paragraph to capture a readers attention


Include short paragraphs that provide facts and background details

about event
Ensure that you are writing with your northern or southern audience in
Be appropriately biased for your audience, but stick to the facts!

Here are some of the topics and suggested titles for articles.
Each newspaper should have 4-5 articles.
Work as a team to decide which topics/titles you would like to expand upon.
From the Battlefront
Events of the battle of Antietam,
September 17, 1862
N: Lee forced to retreat after
losing1/3 of his men.
S: Lee attacks the North and
inflicts worst casualties yet.
Robert E. Lee
N: Traitor to his country
S. Greatest military genius of
the age.
George B. McClellan
N: Beloved by his men,
organizational genius
S: Slow moving bungler
Lincoln Issues Preliminary
Emancipation Proclamationon
September 22
N: A war to end slavery.
Negroes ready to enlist.
S: Lincoln breeds insurrection
among loyal slaves as a cynical
war tactic.

N: Savior of the Union

S: Aggressor in an unnecessary
Casualty lists and portraits of fallen
(These can be fictional on both
Homefront and Our Women
Work in hospitals, field and
factories, charities, relief
societies on both sides.
African Americans in the war
N: Southern slaves desert
plantations OR Struggle to win
right to fight for the Union
bearing fruit.
S: Slaves work in factories to
aid the war effort.

Foreign Affairs
N: England veering away from
recognizing the Confederacy
S: England will never do without
our cotton.

Editorials (opinion essays)

Significance of the battle
N: Emancipation Proclamation
soon to be issued. OR Lees
army nearly destroyed
S: Lee inflicts heavy casualties
in a daring attack on North; he
will return. OR Another show of
Northern ineptitude and lack of

Abraham Lincoln, a biographical

portrait and/or interview

Why we must keep fighting

N: The Union and democracy

must be saved
S: The right to form our own


Friday 12/13: Research complete
Monday 12/16: First draft of each story written
Tuesday 12/17: All drafts typed and visuals found/drawn
Wednesday 12/18: Newspaper is formatted and articles have been edited
Thursday 12/19: Newspapers will be due, in digital format, at the beginning
of class


Directions: Everyone in your group has goals. Focus on your own, but here
are everyones.

Role: Reporter

Role: Copy Editor

Work with your partner
Find 5 facts about topic
o Use suggested websites
or textbook
Write an interesting lead for
Use outline to help organize
Type a first draft of article using
Google Drive
Share rough draft with the
Copy Editors of my paper.

All copy editors should work as
a team
Create the newspaper
masthead (title & logo)
Decide on a Google Drive
Newspaper Template to use.
Be sure to share with editors
Make sure you are shared on
the Google Docs of all articles
o Do not copy & paste into
templates until reporters
give the go ahead
Assist reporters if necessary

Role: Layout and Visuals

Role: Editor-in-Chief

Use Google Image to look up
Frank Leslies Illustrated
Find or create images for the
articles that you have been
o If you are drawing
anything by hand it must
be turned in to Mr. Gapp
by the end of the day so
he can scan the images
Assist reporters if necessary

Make sure everyone
understands his or her goals.
Help keep everyone on track
Create a checklist to make sure
everyone is meeting their
Help edit finished product due

Topic of story:
Editor of this story:
Reporter(s) for this story:
Step 1: Go to suggested websites and independently take notes in your
notebook. Use Cornell Notes to write down interesting facts and quotes. Be
sure to write down the websites where you find information!
Step 2: As a team, come together to write down the most important facts
for your article. REMEMBER to also look through your class notes, especially
from the documentary that we watched on Monday.



OUTLINE for inverted pyramid structure

Introductory Paragraph:
A summary sentence with most of 5Ws:


Supporting Paragraphs:
Necessary, but less important facts:








(not a

Details that are interesting, but not as




Name: ________________________________
Humanities / Mr. Gapp


Writing Strong Leads

Your introductory paragraph should include the 5Ws that our article covers:
Who: _____________________________________________________________________
What: _____________________________________________________________________
When: ____________________________________________________________________
Where: ____________________________________________________________________
Why/How: _________________________________________________________________
Your very first sentence, however, must capture the readers attention:

1) Ask the reader a question, and then answer it in the rest of your first paragraph.

How is the Emancipation Proclamation going to change the way this war is fought? In
many ways! For example

Write your own example: _________________________________________________________

2) Offer an interesting or unusual fact:

At the beginning of the Civil War both sides thought it would be a short conflict,
however, 2 years into the war bloody battles are still being fought.

Write your own example: _________________________________________________________

3) Use an interesting quotation:

The dead and wounded covered the ground, one soldier reported.

Write your own example: _________________________________________________________

4) Begin with action

The North attacked. The smoke from gunfire limited visibility. Screams of dying men
echoed through the valley. This was the scene on

Write your own example: _________________________________________________________