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P1 Describe how Care Values support users of services, using relevant


A day centre for older people

A residential centre for young adults with physical disabilities

A training centre for young adults with learning disabilities

A residential setting for older people

1. Explain your awareness of what Care Values are?

2. How are they are applied in care settings to support users of services?
3. Whats the impact of effective and ineffective application of these
values in health and social care?
Explain what each of the 4 different Care Values are by demonstrating the
practical application of the care values in selected health and social care
4. Explain what the Confidentiality Care Value is and include these
examples. (Page 34)
When dealing with records and other information concerning
individuals who use services
Rules of confidentiality e.g. safe storage of records, not discussing
one individual with another, not sharing written information
without permission.
5. Give an example of how you could use the Care Value for your 2 chosen
6. Explain what the Dignity Care Value is and include these examples.
Preserving the dignity of individuals through appropriate actions.
Respect for the individual:
Non-discriminatory and non-judgemental approach to practice
Carers responsibility for the care and wellbeing of individuals
Using appropriate terms when addressing individuals, complying
with an individuals cultural and religious requirements not using
terms that are offensive to individuals and groups
Using inclusive language to promote positive relationships in
health and social care e.g. demonstrating interest in others,
demonstrating respect for difference.
7. Give an example of how you could use the Care Value for your 2 chosen
8. Explain what the Safeguarding and duty of care Care Value is and
include these examples. (Page 37)
Ensuring the physical and emotional safety of individuals, including
the avoidance of negligence

Current and relevant codes of practice

Professional practice.
9. Give an example of how you could use the Care Value for your 2 chosen
Explain what the A person-centred approach to care delivery Care
Value is and include these examples. (Page 38)
Placing the individual at the centre of the plan
Involving the individuals needs and preferences at the centre of
the care plan and involving the individual in decisions about their
Give an example of how you could use the Care Value for your 2
chosen settings.

The Care Value Base

The Care Value Base focuses on all the good qualities anybody should have
when they work with other people.
It is most important to those who work in the care/service industry e.g.
doctors, nurses, care workers, teachers, social workers etc.
These jobs involve working with people in the public to help improve their
lives. A relationship is built between both people featuring trust, honesty,
help, and loyalty. All workers value their job and make sure that they deliver
the best standards possible.
Without Care Values, the services you need could be very hostile!
How are Care Values applied?

The way a worker talks to patients

Giving patients choices
Listening to the client
Having a smile on your face
Being willing to help others
Coming to work with a positive attitude
Asks for their opinion
Treats everyone the same
Gets to know their client and their personality
Goes out of their way to help
Has a good rapport
Thinks about the clients feelings
Is a team member
Communicates well with others
Wants to be at work and not just for the money
Truly cares about their job
Values all the people around them
Tries to make things better
Doesnt blame others
Keeps the companies information private
Follows the rules
Doesnt gossip or slag off the company
Dresses appropriately.