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Health and The Science of Melanin:

Humanity began in Afrika. In 1974 one of the earliest

stages of human evolution Lucy was found in Ethiopia
dated 3.2 million years old.

Aside from abortion health related issues is the top killer of

Afrikan Americans.

Afrikan people were at the center of the worlds greatest

advancements, they were the first to create language,
writing, math, agriculture, cosmology, music, dance,
religion, and much more.

Cinnamon, garlic, avocados, black and blueberries, and apple

cider vinegar naturally lower blood sugar and improve insulin
resistance.. Replace table salt with sea salt to help reduce blood
pressure and regulate blood sugar. Sea salt contains 82 trace
minerals that benefit skin, bones, muscles, and even teeth.

Afrikans presence in America did not start with slavery.

Afrikans were building boats and taking voyages all over
the world thousands of years before European presence.
The Olmecs (proven to be Afrikan descent) are known to
be the oldest civilization to have settled in the Americas.
The oldest Olmec heads were found in Mexico (as old as
1500 BC).

GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are living organisms

whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a
lab through genetic engineering. Although GMOs are banned
from over 60 countries because they are detrimental to our
health the United States has approved GMOs and they are in
some of the most popular brands.

Melanin is a molecule best known for giving us our dark skin

color but aside from that some of the benefits of melanin is it
protects us from the ultraviolet rays of the Sun, causes for
younger looking skin, and even aids in reproduction

African Unification

I freed a thousand slaves, I

could have freed a thousand
more if only they knew they
were slaves. Harriet Tubman
A people without the
knowledge of their past
history, origin and culture is
like a tree without roots.
Marcus Garvey


Contact Info;
IG @ africanunitication

Hidden Colors Knowledge Brochure

Although the more commonly known slave institution is

the European slave trade, the Arab slave trade started
1000 years prior and still exist in some parts of North
Afrika today.
Afrikan families were destroyed time and time again
when they were kidnapped into slavery. Mothers, fathers and children were deliberately sold and separated
to destroy family ties.
The majority of kidnapped Afrikans were sent to Brazil
and the Caribbean Islands. Of the estimated 11 million
that survived the Middle Passage, estimates say only
388,000 were sent directly to North America while Brazil received 4.86 million alone, so while we tend to look
at the Afro-Latino community separately, in many ways
they are our distant relatives
Even in such wretched conditions, the kidnapped Afrikans were still able to contribute greatly to the making
of America. Some inventions made by Afrikans were the
carbon filament light bulb, the almanac, the clock, pacemaker, telegraph, modern elevator, lawn mower, super
soaker, modern home video game console, 3-D
graphics technology, gas mask.
In 1860, the economic value of slaves surpassed the
combined total value of all railroads, factories, and


Home schooling provides the opportunity to teach emerging

generations the truth without having to be retaught. Also children are given encouragement to learn more independently in
technologically based methods as opposed to memorizing as
methods for schools tailored towards industrialization.

Money is the life force of the community so it must circulate to

keep the community thriving. Afrikans in America have a buying
power of $1.1 trillion a year but only 2% is reinvested in Black

We must not look at ourselves merely at our current position but

also our potential. Economically we have the potential to be one
of the richest nations in the world and ever since being brought
to America we have been the primary laborers of this nation.
Our potential is endless.

Resources and Further Recommendations;

PowerNomics by Claud Anderson; The New Jim Crow by Michelle

Alexander; They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima;
Miseducation of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson..,,,

Youtube notables; Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Irritated Genie, Dr.

Umar Johnson, Dr. Ben-Jochannan, Khalid Muhammad, Dr. Sebi,
Dr. Francis Cress Welsing