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Integrating ICT learning and teaching methods into contemporary education

is a vital concept to regulate as modern technological culture is flourishing.

Historically fashioned methods of teaching have been analysed and
developed time and time again to accommodate for new theories of
learning, and the ever changing role of the student. This integration project
has been developed to provide students like us an advantage over evolving
ICT methods in which we can use in the classroom to aid in progressing our
students forward. Through a process of using current knowledge of lesson
planning together with advancing knowledge of ICT methods, this project
will enable us to elevate and widen our teaching approaches. Furthermore,
the type of lesson formats we produce during this project will hopefully a
structure which future students will absorb effectively.
(Hayes, 2007) States that although research into ICT integration into high
schools has been going for more than two decades now, there is a still a
need for a better understanding on how computer-based technologies are
influencing learning opportunities. This project will enable us as future
teachers to gain valuable research through the success or failure of our
objectives. In other words, we are attaining experience of ICT integration by
understanding what works and what doesnt, what will benefit our students
learning, and what will lessen their ability to grasp ideas better than
traditional methods. Barriers to ICT integration can hinder a teachers
perception of the method and therefore hamper their desire to put it into
practice. These barriers can include such aspects as lack of confidence, lack
of competence, and lack of resources, according to (Laferri, Hamel &
Searson, 2013). This project will act as a filter for barriers to become
excluded from our prior perception of ICT integration.
In terms of what is required of our group for this project, we understand that
we need to present a thorough and well-structured format of lessons which
illustrate an understanding of how to integrate contemporary ICT teaching
methods. By creating four appropriate lessons regarding content criteria
from our major teaching method, Outdoor Education, we need to establish

ways of using suitable ICT programs, applications, games and assessment

items to enable effective learning methods for our students.
Hayes, D. (2007). ICT and learning: Lessons from Australian classrooms.
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Laferri, T., Hamel, C., & Searson, M. (2013). Barriers to successful
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