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Level 2 Outdoor Education (L2OED)

Physical Education Faculty

Prerequisites: Students must have completed a full course of study in any of the senior Physical
Education courses in 2014 and gained credits in AS.1.1 (90962), AS 1.7 (90968) and US 20159.
Those who do not meet this criteria require the approval of Mr Taylor.
Topics: Topics will include: Kayaking, Snorkelling / Kai Moana, Tramping,& Navigation, Overnight
camps, Flora & Fauna,Rock Climbing, Risk management, Adventure based learning, Conservation
in the outdoors, weather.
Standards and Credits Available: Course is not eligible for endorsement


Brief Description


US 476

Roll a kayak


Roll a sea kayak

US 489

Demonstrate sea-kayaking skills on sheltered or slowmoving water

US 425

Experience day tramps


Snorkel dive with safety

US 426

Experience camping

US 457

Mountain bike on intermediate to expert terrain


Select, set up and maintain a mountain or cycle touring


US 444

Demonstrate basic rock climbing movement


Demonstrate the use of basic rope systems for top rope

rock climbing and abseiling


Gather and apply weather information to an outdoor

recreation activity (often already used in PE)

US 467

Demonstrate personal and social development through

participation in adventure based learning (assessed
throughout year)


Kamo High School

Year 12 Outdoor Education, Course description 2015
Please read this information so that you have an understanding as to the goals,
requirements and processes involved with the OED course this year.
Tena Kotou - My name is Pete Taylor I have moved up from Christchurch to take over the position
as the Outdoor Education (OED) Teacher at Kamo High School. I hope to offer a hands on OED
course which reflects our different community needs, existing strengths, and potential for

success. This course aims to produce young people who can be confident of their understanding
and proud of their triumphs in the outdoors. I hope this will allow them to not only achieve the
desired credits, but also to step forward into outdoor passions and careers.
The following is a brief description of the 2015 course. At the beginning of each Term, more
detailed information regarding the activities and trips (including associated costs) will be
supplied via an Information / Permission Slip.

Term 1: Tangaroa.
As many of you will understand, Tangaroa is the Maori ancestor who governs the ocean. The
entire first term aims to embrace the warmth and celebrate our communities strong connections
with our many varying waterways. We will achieve this within three main areas:
Kai Moana:
Fish & Shellfish identification, techniques for harvest, environmental &
cultural considerations,
preparation in cooking, rules and regulations.

Correct use of equipment, techniques, safety & risk management, rescues,

preparation, Underwater Hockey game, trip planning.

Waka/ SUP:

Surf, sea & white-water kayaking, sailing, Waka Ama, rolling a kayak, paddle
strokes, equipment, canoe polo game, environmental considerations,
weather, trip planning.

Trips / Camps:

Kai Moana Challenge

Waka Ama/ SUP
Kayak Trip

Pataua estuary,

Riverside, Paihia
Otamure Bay

(17th & 18th

(19th March).
(26th 27th March).


476 Roll a kayak (2 credits)

20128Roll a sea kayak (2 credits)
489 Demonstrate sea kayaking (3 credits) 467 Adventure Based Learning (3
credits, ongoing)
4383 Snorkel dive with safety (2 credits)
Term 2: Tane Mahuta.
Tane refers to the guardian of the forest. During term 2, we explore some of the many local
opportunities for
getting out in the bush. There is a strong emphasis on risk management, developing
environmental consideration, challenging our comfort zones and increasing our awareness about
our natural & cultural world.

Locations, Equipment, flora & fauna Identification & uses, map reading,
compass skills, orienteering & navigation, risk management, weather, first
aid, search & rescue, tracking.


Equipment & technical skills, food & cooking, fire lighting, selecting a
location, emergency shelters, waste disposal & environmental impacts.

Trips / camps:

Kiwi North & Limestone Is Maunu / Estuary

Mair park
Pukenui Day tramp
Pukenui Forest.

(7th May).
(15th May)
(28th May).


425 Experience Day tramps (3 credits)

20159Weather (2 credits)


Experience Camping (3 credits)

Term 3: Maunga / Mountain.

Term 3 sees us exploring the mountains and rock faces of areas close and abroad through
Mountain biking and rock climbing. A focus on perceptions of risk, risk management, challenge
by choice and personal development.
Mountain Biking:

Locations, equipment & repairs, technical riding skills, varying styles, risk

Rock Climbing:

Locations, Equipment & knots, rope uses, anchors, safety & risk
management, professional practice, tree climbing, rescues, varying styles.

Trips / camps:

Pukenui overnight tramp Pukenui Forest.

(6th 7th August).
Whangarei BMX track
(14th August)
Whangarei area
(20th August)
Woodhill MTB Park
(28 August)
Indoor Climbing


Kensington Stadium

(24th September)


Mountain Biking (2 credits)

20138Maintain mountain bike (3


Rock Climbing (1 credit)

20157Rope systems (3 credits)

Term 4: Journey
During the short few weeks of Term 4 before exams, there may be an opportunity for those
students who are on track and have achieved well during the year (and who are able to take the
time away) to take part in a Coast to Coast journey. This will utilise a range of disciplines (such
as: mountain biking, tramping, kayaking / rafting, snorkelling etc) to cross the North island from
ocean to ocean. Succeeding in this challenge will require the students to summon their skills and
knowledge learnt throughout the year in OED. This trip is not compulsory but attending class is
as there will be valuable learning in the planning stage even for those not attending.
The Coast to Coast trip may be used as a means for assessing some of the specific units skills if
a student has missed the prior assessment trip for a valid reason.
Trip / camp:


Coast to Coast

West East
(or vice versa)

(Late Oct)

I sincerely hope that 2015 sees an increase in caregiver / parent involvement in the course. If
you would like to come along on a trip, feel like you have some skills or knowledge to offer, or
have any other ideas, questions or concerns please feel free to contact me:
Pete Taylor
Outdoor Education Teacher
Kamo High School
027 46 99 540