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[GUI Plugin] Wiki Reader

Create an ebook of pages from Wikipedia by entering the urls of interest

Main Features

Create ebook of Wikipedia pages

Give the ebook a title of your choice

Ebook will have the same table of contents as on the wiki page

Version History

Special Notes
Requires calibre version 0.8.58 or later.

Click WikiReader button

Enter a title for the ebook (optional)

If you do not enter a title, the title will be the same as that of the first article

Enter URL of wiki page.

To enter another URL click "Add another URL" and enter the URL in the field that

Repeat till you have entered all the URLs you want

Click OK

Example ebook created using plugin

as an example see attached ebook created using this plugin. this ebook was created using the
wikipedia pages for
ebook reader:
calibre (software):