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1. Ask open-ended question about the problem space, asking
follow-up questions as necessary to define current methods
of the subject.
2. Ask subject what they enjoy or like about the current
3. Ask subject what they dislike about the current method
4. Ask subject to provide a summary evaluation and

Ages 20 30
Mainly all students or master students
9 Females and 13 Males
4 People had random reflection methods
4 People used recording methods to reflect


Most people intentionally reflect on their past experiences
During our interviews, we found that 16 of 22 participants
intentionally reflect on their past experience.
Various methods including purposefully recalling past
experience, creating inventory, and making a voice memo, are
used for reflection.
Also, some participants tend to allocate time on a daily basis
for reflections.
I reflect about past events, totally, all the time. -


The fact that most interviewees purposefully
take efforts and set up a time for personal
reflections partly validates a customer base for
MyndGro whose goal is to helping people with
their reflections.


People are more likely to reflect on negative experiences
People reflect on negative events purposefully.
In fact, 17 out of 22 participants indicate that they reflect on
negative events purposefully.
Reason for reflecting negative experiences including learning
from past mistakes, seeing things in a new perspectives, and
preventing negative events happen again.
I try to really take a deep look at it (past emotion), and see
what things that I can actually change, and what things that
are out of my control that I need to accept and move on
from. - P4


Nobody wants to be reminded of negative event.
None of the participants wants to be reminded of negative

I do not want anybody to remind me of negative events

because they make me feel worse. - P11

In helping people reflect on their past events
and experiences, it is maybe fine for MyndGro
to ask prompting questions regarding users
negative experiences or events, what bothered
them, etc. However, MyndGro should not
remind users of such specific negative
experiences or events at a later time in the


A majority of people who do not spend time recording
experiences desire to be reminded of positive experiences.
We found that 15 out of 22 participants indicate that they dont
want to spend time on recording experience.
Within those 15 participants, 8 of them said that they do not
spend time recording experience because they are too busy or
unmotivated to do so.
I think of positive events that happened in the past
sometimes and it makes me feel happy - P12
I dont have time to input information to another app - P12

MyndGro should ensure the process of data
collection or experience recording as painless
as possible lest users will refrain from using
MyndGro. MyndGro should include prompts
that collect data of positive experiences
because users would like to be reminded of
these experiences at a later time.


People reflect actively on positive events or they want to be
reminded of these events at a later time. (19/22)
19 out of 22 participants indicate that they reflect on positive
events actively or want to be reminded of these events at a
later time. People reflect on positive events to be optimistic.
I think of positive events that happened in the past
sometimes and it makes me feel happy. - P13

Although MyndGro should help users to reflect
on both negative and positive experiences,
MyndGro should focus on interpreting data of
positive experiences for the purpose of
reminding users in the future about these
positive events.


People share their reflections with close friends. (12/22)
12 out of 22 participants indicate that they only share with
whom they trust.
These people are generally their parents, significant others or
close friends. Sharing reflections with other helps them gain
new perspectives in seeing things.
Participants mentioned that sometimes it might not be that
helpful to share with other as people might not understand the
I share with my wife. It helps to be honest in marriage. And it
helps me gain a positive perspective. - P13

MyndGro should consider providing an avenue
for users to share their conditions with their
trusted friends or family members.

Alexander McDougall
Alex is a 23 year old over achiever; he is nearing completion of
one of the top chemical engineering programs in the nation.
Hes always busy; most of it is research but between grading
papers, holding office hours and working he wonders where all
the time goes. He lives alone on North Campus with his cat Mochi. He likes to hang out with friends to blow off steam.
Although he is very goal oriented and knows what he wants, he
is also stressed often and feels like his life could be better.

Alex says that he definitely reflects, but that his process is really just thinking.
He is intentional about when he thinks but not necessarily how he thinks; he
reflects in the shower, before bed, and long walks but he doesnt write any of his
reflections down. He reflects every other day about primarily negative events
and what he can do to make his life better. He thinks about positive things every
once in a while but he rather lingers on them like he does with the negative. He
wants recognize the positive more often, and hes trying improve on that.

Hsin-Yen Tu
Andre Siagian
Jeff Zhang
Meghan Bruneel