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Lot 1 Coubaril Park

Castries, St. Lucia
West Indies

Joey Thompson, Owner

Telephone: (758) 718-3113





Baywalk Management Limited

Baywalk Mall
Rodney Bay
Gros Islet, St. Lucia

At Your Service Refrigeration, St. Lucia

Agreement Commence Date:

1st March 2015

Monthly Service Fee:

EC $2,000.00 plus 15% VAT (if VAT registered)

Supply of replacement Parts and Equipment not included

At Your Service Refrigeration (AYSR) will complete weekly checks of the following pieces of
equipment and undertake full servicing of all the listed equipment on a monthly basis:

Two Dunham Bush 250 ton Chill Water Systems

Three 10 HP Chill Water Pumps
Four Dunham Bush DX split AC systems

The goal of At Your Service Refrigeration will be to locate problems with these pieces of
equipment before larger scale problems arise and to prevent the need of costly repairs
through monthly servicing and repairs.
At Your Service Refrigeration will fulfill this task by conducting the following report on a biweekly basis:

Suction and Discharge pressure

Sight glass levels (which are low now)
Compressor oil levels
Discharge temperatures on all 4 compressors
Inlet and outlet water temps
Condenser fan operation

Compressor contactor charring

Pump amperage
Pump safeties
Compressor overload safeties

A report of these variables will be completed and sent to The Project / General Manager via
E-mail at the end of the day after each trip. Such report to include solutions to problems
found and proposed dates for repairs/servicing of these components.
At Your Service Refrigeration will also stand ready to make emergency repairs such as occur
between visits. Should the occasion arise when a piece of listed equipment fails or needs
immediate attention, during a weekly visit, AYSR will make repairs if possible on the spot.

Purchase of Parts and Equipment by At Your Service Refrigeration:

All parts and shipping will be incurred apart from this contract. AYSR reserves the right to
add up to 25% mark up for the location and buying of all parts, unless Baywalk Management
Limited desires to obtain the parts. Should Baywalk Management Limited choose to obtain
the parts themselves, AYSR will not be responsible for any parts that are ordered in,
incorrectly. Any parts located locally will be picked up locally by AYSR however purchased
on an account of check by the customer, accordingly, with no mark up. Pricing of parts
located by AYSR shall include all shipping, taxes and duties, added in to the total price
quoted before ordering. There shall be no surprise cost to be incurred to Baywalk Mall after
the parts have arrived.
AYSR will never charge any overtime, providing 24 hour service 24 days out of the month.
Emergency situations, no matter what time, day or night shall be attended to at that time,
with a service man on premises within two hours or a call establishing a time for service to
be afforded.
A general list of emergencies would include, but not limited to:

Chill Water Systems completely down, without any back up, causing a rise in space
An electrical tripping causing, other components on site to be limited in their
A blowing Freon leak
A fire of any kind
Chill water leaks which causes damage to structure or facilities. (Please note, chill water
piping repair is not a part of this contract, however, chill water damage control will be a
part of this contract.)

Should other terms and conditions arise which causes a revival of this covenant, both
parties shall meet and add to this covenant, accordingly. This is a monthly covenant only to
be paid at the end of each month of service given or within the first week of the following
This covenant may be broken at any point during any given month, by either party, with no
more than a seven day notice. When this covenant is broken the amount of time incurred
until that time shall be pro-rated and the billing for that particular month shall be based
upon that pro-rating of work done, accordingly.

At Your Service Refrigeration Owner: ________________________________________


Baywalk Mall Management Limited Owner/Representative: