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«ECG, Equations & Drugs» ‘etn ED [RATE cc BPR 0.12-0,208 (0), Large aut onro2ie ‘Small aut: at 0.349 - 0-428 40% of PR) : 016.0.200 33-043, (THR + 107) 1etT years 31-041 0160.19 29-038 100 bpm = 027-035 ‘QRS: nl= -30° > +100" Loft Axis Dev = -30° > -002 Right Axis Dov= 100° "> +180° (extreme) -90° > -180° PWave = 420°» +60° ‘Assess: | and aVF, then find Taoelectric lead and QRS ‘axis is at 90°. 1 0 90 ¥ ws noo ow aye (spwuigz) fensoyut 1-0 pue SUD ‘x s © HEXAXIAL SYSTEM (frontal plane) D> "The pose pote ofeach lad ais appear a Tote, the nogtve sige. Tea octet Roy LOWE saz terme ormAmoors Carine Outpt vo2ICa02 (eX) Carctae Woreindar, Left [ROWE St0-060 grivme “ChMPAP-0.0144 ‘Carciac Work Ind, Right a Eola one espana rn elton (PPI 20-70 mmHg SPP Beale a seemerat reso RM mae ont (COP 23:29 mmHg (glob*1.4)+(alb*5.5) FT Colca-Oncotle Pressure 70-1500 dyirsiem® (MAP-CVPPT3<2)C0 Systomie Vascular Resistance ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY. rr inonery Vaneau Rescance 7 SMC? GATS o3e042 | caTvteanmn) CT co RREOA2 s RR intervat HEMODYNAMIC PATTERNS Condition cvp__PAP__ PCWP Clavjo2_PVR__ SVR = @9uaK om o (spuuigz) mouse couasojos woy sojoko 2 3LVY LYVSH Hypovolomic chock Cardlogente shock Septic shock Cardiac Tamponade RV Infarction Pulmonary Emboliem Airways Obstruction + oebene dm Le YNT-Yi3 >a FEVuIFVC = >60% Forced Espratory volume 18 0070 % Shunt, paysiloaic ((Ceep02 Gaoay(ceap02 GvO2)"(100) PAs02 5.25 mmHg Aa Gradient ((102)%(P8-PH20))(PaCO2!R))}{Pa02) ‘95-105, mma” Alveolar Oxyaen Tension (Fidayr(re Prizo))Pacoar) 80-100 mmHg arterial Oxygen Tension Measured, fesimated=100-(0.39"29e 47-20 mial arterial Oxygen Content (Het 36)+(Sa02)}44Pa020.008") 32.16 mUGL mixed vanous 02 Content ("1 36)-(@v2)}1(PvOr-0.0051) eavor 4-5 "mule (Ca02){CvO2) Gxygen Content Oiference, aterta-venous PaOz 60-100 tig arterial Oxygen Tension Saoz 05.00% Storal Oxygen Saturation Trav GGERIT|90-131— mimin ((140.age)xwy(72 Cx) ‘Glomerular Firion Rate (Cockerof-Gault) (GPRLLA 90-131 miimmint.73m® Simplified Levey oo. GFR, ~ (196.9 Cr aga > GN Er) “GN? = gong acior (Fora = 0.742-male = 10) ENE 2S ce men 2152 Sher 1). (erCHN 90-131" mUmin (CrU* volumeyCrs Creatinine Clearance Fensjoo10 % (UP Nay(uP cHye100 Fractional Exereton of Na Ome 275.285, mosmRa Oumaaty, cacuatad fe (ha » Ke) (guosee!t8) (GUNES GIST) 8-16 meg Na—(Cr'+ HCOs) ‘Anion Gap (Serum) era) Ischemia = iat or inverted T waves Injury & Infaret = ST segment for L Infaretion~ q wave > 0.04 (acute/old). Tiny Q waves in ll, aML, V6, V6. (“LBBB complicates Dx of Ml). Location | Leads Vessels Anterior V2V4 uo ‘Anteroseptal Via tap ‘Aniorlatoral Vi,VG.laVL__LAD, Diag Inferior Tika ROA. Cire tora LaVLVS-Ve Ge, Diag Posteror tal VIVO RCA Right Vortvicie rightva RCA Poricarattis 'ST 1 (precordial load) +L voltage. + T waves Pulmonary Embolism/nfaret = in|, Qinill: S103 73. Sinus Tach; RAD, # RBBB. varlable S/T changes esiar 5. 32) tmmxat6 Tasco Vase = Feranbt C3 18) ‘ranch ut tam Seal Teat* (nypercat 4Ga* (hypocalcemia) = Prolonged GT (ST portion). Digoxin = Nt shorter QT + downward POBox "212, oa, A039 ‘curve of ST segment and ator Twaves, Toxicity: SA block, AV Block, junctional TC, PVC's, Br & ‘Trigeriny, V Tach, V Fb. Quinidine =P: wide, notched. ‘GRS: wide, ST sogmont 1. QT: prolonged. U wave. DRUGS ‘Adenosine: IVP: 6g (1-3 200) thon 12mg ‘Aminophyline: 1V Infuson:0.5-0.5mgikgM (S00mgS00m. NS) 1V Infsion (emokore} 0.7 - 0.9mgialh ‘Armrinone: IV: 0.75mghkg (over 2-3 min) then, IV int 5.0-16.0ug/ngimin (2Doma/500m. NS) [Atenolol IV. 510mg over & ein. ‘Atropine 804: IVP: 1.0mg (a6ystoo, total 3g) IVP: 0.5-1.0ma (oradyearaa, toa! 3m) Bicarbonate, Sodium: IV: 1 Ome thon 0.5m e/g qtOmin Bretylium Tosyi IVP: 8.Omghkg nt min (lta, 30-36morg) IVinfasion: 1'0-2.0mgimin.(2g/500m- DW) ‘Bumetanide: IV or IM: 0.5-4.01g aver 12min ilum chloride (10%): TV 20 - 4.0mg/kg q10min (as needed) Digoxin: 1VIPO tooding: 10-15ugheg over 12-24h {0:5mq IV over Sin —> 025m abn x24) Diazepam: IV: 2-10mg (not 1 exceed Emg/min) Diltiazem: IV: 20mg or 0.25mgkg (ther 0.35mg/kg) 1V intuslon: 5— t5mgM (250m/S00ML DaW-NS) V2" 20ug/kg/min (250mg/S00mL DsW-NS) Dopamine: (400mg/250m|_ DsW= 1600ug/miL) ‘dopaminergic: = Sugikgfmun IV Bitcrenergie: 3 s0upio"min IV e-aurenerge: > Tougikamin IV Enoxaparin: SC. 1.0 mg/kg QD (PE prophylaxis) ‘SCT 0 moteg BIO (unstaba angina, Rul IV: 20-80eng over tain Heparin: (25,000unis500mL~ SoutnL) NE-Daw Seale ete ee Vanes ape sgomuy neon te aang td Mids dete ee a ere er Sein eee wagon mnie sao eerie Seaman Pocera terre pactatti) Mesa aoeraereraeaes eee esse ney erase teresa ee Soren Sees, ae oneal oEgatierncaae teen 5x aa nob ened on See comrerccra| cong prominore roan ISBN 968-5325-30-8 | || | iil 9!769685 325301 | CIM <4 PPT